Monday, December 31, 2007

Tons of Fun

From Harper's Index -
Estimated number of tons of CO2 released on New Year’s Eve from all champagne bottles uncorked by Americans: 8

it's scientific HERE and HERE

Happy New Year!

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Campari Surprise


French Beatbox


...through the eyes of kitties

Some Hello Kitty items are freakier than others. It’s stuff like this that is definitely on the high end of freak out! - Hello Kitty contact lenses...may be available soon at a Sanrio store near you.
check out


Fill 'er Up!

2007 GOP Hall of Shame

2007 GOP Adulterers Hall of Fame Nominees
* Ronald Reagan: Lived like a Hollywood playboy during his first marriage
* Richard Mellon Scaife: Right-wing billionaire caught by his wife in LTR with a former hooker
* Larry Craig: Homo-hating U.S. senator nabbed seeking sex in men's room
* David Vitter: Another senator with a morals agenda, has hid an irresistible penchant for prostitutes
* Dick Morris: Current adviser to Rev. Huckabee, was embroiled in a prostitute scandal in the 1990s that involved toe sucking
* Ted Haggard: Mega-church founder, Bush adviser and professional homophobe, he was outed by a male escort in 2006
* Gay Bob Blow Job Allen: Homophobic Florida politician tried to buy sex from an undercover cop in the men's room of a park
* Richard Curtis: A right-wing gay-hating Washington pol who accused a hustler nicknamed "The Stallion" of extortion

Requirements for Nomination:

To qualify as a nominee to the GOP Adulterers Hall of Fame, a person must be a conservative politician or opinion leaders who promotes so-called family values -- and especially the sanctity of marriage -- but who has also had sex outside his or her marriage, or had sex with someone who was married to someone else at the time.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Joan Osborne and Bob Weir

Jerry Garcia Court Moments

When Women Drink...

How everyone should read...

Seeing is believing...
...and believe us, you want to see THIS

...if you liked that, look HERE

You will excuse us as we have to mail a girl in a car some of our favorite books...

In Bizarro Land...

Celine does Tina

It's like, Miley Cyrus and another girl and, like, a tongue...

Hannah Montana starlet Miley Cyrus has had several racy snaps leaked of her and another girl playing lesbian grab-ass...exploring their bi-curious fantasy while simultaneously fulfilling the fantasies of countless others.
Miss Cyrus, has laughed off the pics and the 'lesbian' moniker they've been adorned with by the well-intentioned folks on the internet; stating, "They're nothing bad. At first, I was really upset. It really sucks. It's not something I'm going to let slide. I'm really upset about it, 'cause it was, like, not even a big deal."
Adding that the pics were taken at a sleepover and the girl she felt-up is one of her best friends.
more HERE and HERE
Miley interview HERE

Meanwhile, her sold out Disney tour with The Jonas Brothers continues to roll across North America...



Southside Johnny Meets Tom Waits

Southside Johnny will finally release a sonic tribute to his pal Tom Waits. "Grapefruit Moon," a long-awaited collection of Waits covers delivered as big band numbers, will see the light of day in 2008.
the story HERE

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The Milk-Off Squirt Alert

See it HERE


Milk Gun Patent

Hey, what do you get when you cross a baby's bottle with a calking gun? The accurate yet asinine Milk Gun, designed to feed your baby milk and flowable foods at the touch of a trigger! You load this thing like a cookie dough dispenser and then try to coax baby to latch on to the nipplish-like feeding tip (# 26). While the wee one is staring down the barrel of your super-sized squirt gun, simply pull the trigger to start calking, er, we mean to feed the flowing food to your burping bambino. What's that you say... angel face would prefer to cry rather than eat right now? No problemo! Next time your little cherub's mouth is open and crying, take careful aim and quickly squirt some milk into her cute kisser.


2007: A Year in Video

There's Something About Melyssa...

...can you figure out what it is?

learn more HERE
official website HERE


Water Bar:'ll want to take a leak just by looking at it

Imagine drinking alcohol, all while staring at this 'waterfall' optical glass bar designed by Tokujin Yoshioka. You'd be heading to the bathroom every 5 minutes. In reality though, no actual water is used. The effect is created using an optical glass block that is crafted in such a way that it gives the impression of flowing water.


I'll be right back; I'm SO PLACING AN ORDER...

This rifle is 100% legal in California because it is based on an "off-list" lower receiver made by Stag Arms and has no evil features at all, instead featuring a fixed stock instead of the evil collapsible stock, a muzzle brake in place of the vile flash-hider, and a MonsterMan Grip instead of the heinous and malicious plastic pistol grip. If you do happen to find one available for purchase, just remember...don't ask/don't tell...


The Rebecca Mystique

At 35, Rebecca Romijn still sizzles...the sexy and provocative shots for La Perla lingerie prove it! Jerry O'Connell is one lucky mother effer...
more pics HERE

...Stamos screwed up

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Mary-Kate Booze Shopping

Adele: The Next Big Thing

Hear her HERE


Pigskin Perfection

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - Last night the New England Patriots became the NFL's first team to post an undefeated season since the 1972 Miami Dolphins. By defeating the New York Giants 38 to 35, the Patriots acheive a milestone 16-0 season. The question remains; can they do what those Dolphins did in '72? more HERE
we're not big sports fanatics around here...but these guys really did put on quite a show...

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Calculator Spy Camera and DVR

Inside this working desktop calculator lies a B&W low light or color high resolution camera and motion activated DVR. Just arm the device and a motion-detector will record anything that moves. Playback is as simple as removing the SD card and inserting it into the included SD reader for viewing on your PC. If you get caught, reaction will undoubtedly be swift - by your boss and the law. Available for $529 B&W or $649 Color.

Get yours HERE

Sonic Grenade - I Need a Case

The Sonic Grenade is a masterpiece of office mayhem. It is hard rubber and plastic, making it pretty easy and safe to toss. Set the grenade to one of three volume settings, pull the pin, and throw. The blinking red light will let you know the grenade is armed.
Once the alarm goes off, your prey will only be able to adjust the settings, he or she or they will not be able to permanently turn the unit off. The only way to permanently stop the alarm is to reinsert the pin, which you are now twirling around your finger. Remember, revenge is a dish best served LOUD!

Get yours HERE


Gogol Bordello Rule


The Breast Games 2007

they're HERE


Preggo, YES - Hers? NO WAY

mommie dearest?


Eduardo Cruz "Cosas Que Contar" directors cut

Sean Penn Gets Wise

Sean Penn & Robin Wright

He filed for divorce on December 7th, but changed his mind and had it dismissed on December 18th.

She filed December 21 citing irreconcilable differences.

December 24th he was seen dining “very young, very attractive” brunette at San Francisco’s Café de la Presse restaurant; more HERE

We're just sayin'...Sean seems to be gaining wisdom with age

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Wounded Knee Massacre 12/29/1890

See the museum HERE.
EyeWitness account HERE.
Government documentation HERE.


Friday, December 28, 2007


Norma Lyon, a 78-year-old dairy farmer from Toledo, Iowa, chose to show her support for Sen. Barack Obama, who is seeking to become the first black U.S. president, by sculpting a likeness of his head with 23 pounds of butter.
the story is HERE


Jay-Z is not having a great day

Jay-Z's new 40/40 club in Las Vegas did not pass their safety inspection today. What does that mean?


Unless Jay-Z and his team miraculously come up with certain licenses and certificates by Sunday December 30, 2007, they won't be able to go on with their New Year's Eve party plans...And then there are the refunds of all those multi-hundred dollar tickets... sad.....I'd rather be at the all dwarf review at KRAVE/Harmon Theater for $53.45 anyways...

The 40/40 Club website is HERE

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Just another B.S. Thursday Night

Hate for the Sake of Hate

In his own words HERE, HERE and HERE


Ya...O.K., Sure...Bindi, get out now while you can!...

Terri Irwin is reportedly hoping to communicate with her late husband Steve when psychic John Edward visits the Australia Zoo next month.
more HERE

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Pageant Drama Continues

Miss France 2008, Valerie Begue, has been allowed to keep her crown despite racy photos of her appearing in Entrevue, a French magazine (reported HERE Christmas Day). The photos (above) feature Valerie wearing a bikini in a crucifixion pose while floating in a swimming pool; another has her seductively lapping up evaporated milk from a trough. the story is HERE.
Was Tyra Banks involved in this photo shoot?
Ms. Begue, 22, will keep her crown but will not be allowed to compete in the Miss World or Miss Universe pageants...first-runner up, Miss New Caledonia Vahinerii Requillart, 19, will replace her. Story HERE.

JonBenet Ramsey is in a better place, rest in peace...

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Lohan Honored for her film work...

Lindsay Lohan is in Capri, Italy this weekend for the Capri Hollywood Film Festival.
Lindsay is being honored for her contribution to cinema. Word has it that Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson were runners up and the award is named after film legend Anna Nicole Smith.
Normally, I would make this stuff up...HOWEVER, THIS TIME I DIDN'T HAVE TO since the Capri Hollywood Film Festival is actually doing it for real and she is actually showing up...FREAK!

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Kat Von D: Bloated or Fetus?

One thing's for sure: she would not look good naked with or without a baby inside her; my god her tats SUCK!!!
"Hi Mom, this is the woman I'm having a baby with; she draws on people and smokes a lot and drinks even more; we're in love..."
her website is HERE

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Hold your Tiger Beat...

Miley Cyrus broke up with one of the Jonas Brothers; it's being reported in the New York Post today.
...oh yeah; and that chick was buried in Pakistan or something; whatever....

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it's Him, eh...Her; Him; Her; Him? Her?...

Joanie Laurer's Sister?

Hello Kitty for Men

Hello Kitty is reportedly marketing a special line of products just for men. The line apparently features a more "rugged" looking Hello Kitty figure, the perfect thing for a "generation" that feels no embarrassment about wearing Hello Kitty. All I know is that my Hello Kitty ice pack RULES...


Krystal Forscutt in the latest FHM Magazine

see more HERE
Krystal info HERE


Mt. Rushmore A Capella


Our Exclusive Jamie Lynn Spears Interview

Another Loss from Camp Simpson; when will it be over?

Her latest, "Blonde Ambition," a romantic comedy with fellow Texan Luke Wilson, was headed straight to DVD release when the bosses at Nu Image and Millennium Films decided to give it a limited Christmas run. Big mistake: The NON-Academy nominated piece of crap took in $1,322 on its opening weekend in eight Texas theaters." In contrast re-runs of "Leave it to Beaver"were seen by 26,000 people according to Nielson ratings...

MS Simpson must give some mind-altering *******, because Hollywood's been trying to make this loser a box office star for what seems like half a century. Here's a hint: it's not working. The only way she should be in a movie theater is if she paid to get in. With her lack of talent, at best, she should be laying in a box waiting for a magician to cut it in half or maybe a cameo with the guys from the JACKASS Films.

Wait Wait, our gift to you , the readers of Chuck's Weird World this holiday season...

Watch the WHOLE FILM online right HERE, then you too can be one of the very very few who has had this privilege...One bright spot...WILLIE FRICKIN' NELSON, and if you don't know how we here at CWW feel about him, well:

HE IS A GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mischa Barton rolls her own...

I wonder if she uses one of those Laredo Rolling machines from the 1970's?

The photo above was taken the day of her arrest for "straddling two lanes of traffic"...

I don't know the traffic code for that, but it sure sounds like something HOT.


Winter Television Premiere Dates

Tuesday, Jan. 1
According to Jim
(ABC); Biggest Loser: Couples (NBC)

Wednesday, Jan. 2
Law & Order (NBC); Power of 10 (CBS); Supernanny (ABC); Wife Swap (ABC)

Thursday, Jan. 3
Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Friday, Jan. 4
1 vs. 100 (NBC); Flash Gordon (Sci Fi); How to Look Good Naked (Lifetime); Stargate: Atlantis (Sci Fi)

Sunday, Jan. 6
American Gladiators (NBC); Cashmere Mafia (ABC); The L Word (Showtime); The Wire (HBO)

Monday, Jan. 7
Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann (ABC); Medium (NBC)

Tuesday, Jan. 8
Life of Ryan (MTV); One Tree Hill (CW)

Thursday, Jan. 10
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (VH1); Make Me a Supermodel (Bravo)

Friday, Jan. 11
Monk (USA); Psych (USA)

Sunday, Jan. 13
Comanche Moon miniseries (CBS); Masterpiece Theatre (PBS); Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox)

Monday, Jan. 14
Kyle XY (ABC Family); Prison Break (Fox)

Tuesday, Jan. 15
10 Items or Less (TBS); American Idol (Fox)

Wednesday, Jan. 16
Reno 911! (Comedy)

Sunday, Jan. 20
Breaking Bad (AMC)

Monday, Jan. 21
Wildfire (ABC Family)

Tuesday, Jan. 22
The Millionaire Matchmaker (Bravo)

Wednesday, Jan. 23
Moment of Truth (Fox)

Saturday, Jan. 26
Torchwood (BBC America)

Monday, Jan. 28
In Treatment (HBO)

Thursday, Jan. 31
Lost (ABC); Eli Stone (ABC)

Monday, Feb. 4
The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS); Paradise Hotel 2 (MyNetworkTV); Welcome to the Captain (CBS)

Thursday, Feb. 7
Lipstick Jungle (NBC); Survivor (CBS)

Tuesday, Feb. 12
Big Brother (CBS); Jericho (CBS)

Monday, Feb. 18
The Baby Borrowers (NBC); Quarterlife (NBC)

Friday, Feb. 22
New Amsterdam (Fox)

Sunday, Mar. 2
Oprah's Big Give (ABC); Unhitched (Fox)

Monday, Mar. 3
When Women Rule the World (Fox)

Friday, Mar. 7
The Return of Jezebel James (Fox)

Monday, Mar. 17
Dancing with the Stars 6 (ABC)

Tuesday, Apr. 1
Hell's Kitchen (Fox)

Friday, Apr. 11
Canterbury's Law (Fox)

No Premiere Date
Battlestar Galactica (Sci Fi); Dirt (FX); Farmer Wants a Wife (CW); Greek (ABC Family); In Plain Sight (USA); The I.T. Crowd (NBC); Miss/Guided (ABC); The Shield (FX); Swingtown (CBS)

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The Departed 2007: Those We'll Miss the Most

Yvonne De Carlo
Because she was Lily in an utterly classy way that you wouldn't expect from a sitcom called The Munsters. And she slept with Frankenstein...

Art Buchwald
He recorded his own video obituary for the New York Times. ("Hi, I'm Art Buchwald and I just died...") How COOL IS THAT?!!

Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers
They ruled Match Game and made it the most sophisticated thing a person could do on a weekday afternoon...while wearing a polyester suit.

Tammy Faye Bakker
The Eyes of Tammy Faye made everyone see her in a new light. She befriended, not judged, 'the Hedgehog' Ron Jeremy. And she was all about THE MAKEUP.

Evel Knievel
The helmet. The cape. The walking stick. Even the sound of his name brings up the emotion of COOLNESS.

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...if only a bumpersticker were a magic wand

get yours HERE

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Sharon Osbourne longs for African Ass-Rub

Sharon Osbourne said she'll be heading to Africa in the new year stating she's "gonna lay my big arse out, have it massaged and see some animals."

TMZ caught it all on video HERE


Top 10 Sex Memes of 2007

Trust don't want to miss THIS