Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wanna Dance?

Select a dance and step back...seriously

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If you're not already hungry, you're about to be. NPR did a story about the art of sandwich-making -- or 'wichcraft, a surefire way to your Top Chef-loving heart.
the story is HERE
scanwich website HERE

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The CDC's Vaccination Genocide


Product of the Week

Chocolates are predictable and flowers are perishable. Give Mom the gift that lasts. Send her a half-dozen long stem silk roses wrapped with low rise thong panties.
available HERE

Happy Birthday Willie Nelson

official website HERE


And The Booby Prize Goes To...

In what was no doubt a contest of the utmost historical significance, Access Hollywood has deemed actress Scarlett Johansson to have the best breasts in Hollywood. Rounding out the list are Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
more HERE

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The Power of Imagination


Kelly McGillis comes out...

Kelly McGillis has come out to SheWired and declared that she is...well "you know"
Kelly even married a guy and had two daughters. They quit their marriage in 2002.
51-year-old Kelly is now single and ready to tingle. Kelly says, "I'm done with the man thing. I did that, I need to move on in life. That's another part of being true to yourself... that's been a challenge for me personally. I think that was an ongoing process from the time I was about 12. I had a lot of things happened that convinced me that God was punishing me for being gay. That was a hard process. Life is a freaking journey, and it's about growing and changing, and coming to terms with who and what you are, and loving who and what you are."

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Conservatives Confounded by Colbert

According to a study from The Ohio State University, which proves, with math and stuff, that lots of conservatives seem to not understand the intrinsic, underlying joke of The Colbert Report.
A lot of conservatives are going to be pissed when they realize that Stephen Colbert's performance at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner was not, in fact, an awkward and ineffective attempt to praise President George W. Bush, but actually a bitter and satiric criticism of his incompetence!
more HERE

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Christians Love Hate

Victims of violence who are gay would have new federal protections under a hate-crimes bill approved by the House. The vote was 249 to 175, with most Democrats voting in favor and most Republicans against. The bill defines hate crimes as those motivated by prejudice and based on a victim’s race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. The measure would provide grants for state and local authorities to investigate and prosecute hate crimes , and it would empower the federal government to prosecute cases if states asked for Washington’s help or were reluctant to exercise their own authority. The Senate has not yet scheduled a vote on the bill, which President Obama supports.

Guess what? Yep...Christians and other intellectually challenged religious types are squirming like a swine's tail...they believe the law will outlaw proselytizing...and they won't be able to spread the 'god sanctioned' intolerance virus...


check out these stories:
Hating Hate Crimes Bill
Jerry Falwell's Legacy of Hate Lives On
Rep. Michele Bachmann compares gays to pedophiles on hate crimes bill
Former Texas Judge Says Hate Crimes Law Could Criminalize Preaching

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"To give you an idea how bad this swine flu is, today the U.S. government took down the border wall and replaced it with a giant sneeze guard."
-- Jay Leno

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Red Hots

They may have been teased for it in middle school, but some ginger-maned stars are making quite a splash. Take a look at some hot redhead celebrities HERE

Surprisingly, Miss Evan Rachel Wood (above) did not make the list...



Jim Andrews outside his store.
CHICAGO, Illinois - A man on a mission to give jobs to convicted felons to help them turn their lives around is running into opposition.
It all hinges on a name: Felony Franks.
It has been the dream of Jim Andrews to open a chain of hot dog stands where he gives jobs to ex-felons.
more HERE

Sean Penn Tries Again

Sean Penn filed seeking a legal separation from actress wife Robin Wright Penn.
The Oscar winner filed the papers last Friday seeking legal separation with minor children.
In December of 2007 both Sean and Robin filed for divorce separately, both citing irreconcilable differences for the split. Penn filed for divorce on Dec. 7, but the case was dismissed by both parties on Dec. 18. Wright then filed for divorce three days later on Dec. 21. In April 2008, the divorce was dismissed at the couple's request.
more HERE

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Secrets of the Phallus

If you’ve ever had a good, long look at the human phallus, whether yours or someone else’s, you’ve probably scratched your head over such a peculiarly shaped device. Let’s face it—it’s not the most intuitively shaped appendage in all of evolution. But according to evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup of the State University of New York at Albany, the human penis is actually an impressive “tool” in the truest sense of the word, one manufactured by nature over hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution.
more HERE


The Great Egyptian Swine Slaughter

Cairo, Egypt - hit hard by bird flu, has ordered the slaughter of every pig herd in the country as a precaution against swine flu, a step the United Nations said was a mistake.
The H1N1 swine flu virus is spread by people and is not present in Egyptian animals but culling pigs, largely viewed as unclean in Muslim Egypt, could help quell any panic.
more HERE

...does everything in that part of the world have to be of biblical proportions?

Watch Out For Swine Flu Scams

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Tupac Shakur Sighting?

TMZ has obtained photographic evidence that Tupac Shakur is alive!
13 years after he was shot and "killed" in Las Vegas... a man appearing to be 2pac was spotted in a bar in New Orleans last weekend.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Frisbee Team Nude. Season Cancelled.

EUGENE, Oregon — Clothing and sobriety would seem unlikely requirements of a college Ultimate Frisbee squad, but the lack of both has brought an end to the University of Oregon's season.
A five-member student board that governs club sports at the university has voted to cut the season short because of conduct violations. The third-ranked Ducks were among the favorites to win their second national title since the team formed in 1978.
more HERE

Frisbee team to appeal decision to cancel season


Jane...stop this crazy thing

She recently bemoaned the misery of aging, branding herself 'old and matronly'.
But Jane Fonda, 71, slipped back into her famous 1980s workout gear for a charity event in New York last night.
more HERE


Tweens Want Tits

Model ambition: Georgie Swann (above), 10, wants to have breast implants to look like Jordan as soon as she turns 18

Rise of the child women: The new breed of girls as young as ten who dream of manicures, diets and breast implants...
more HERE

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"It's so sunny that my face has a tan line from my swine flu mask"
-- David Letterman

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About Horse Face

Alfie, a 10-year-old Shire-cross, is said to flee if he thinks he is in danger of having his 'moustache' trimmed.
The horse also refuses to let staff at the stables in Bitton, Gloucestershire, into his stall there for fear that they will remove his whiskers.
more HERE

Mel and Mistress at Mixer

It was only two weeks ago that Mel Gibson shocked Hollywood by admitting he had been separated from his wife Robyn for several years.
Now that the couple announced divorce proceedings, the 53-year-old actor is free to date and he hasn't wasted any time in showing off his new girlfriend.
The Mad Max star appeared at the Los Angeles premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, hand-in-hand with new love Oksana Grigorieva.
Grigorieva was just one of several Oksanas linked to Mel after he first revealed his divorce plans. Apparently not the Oksana we thought...
more HERE

Oksana Grigorieva and Timothy Dalton Relationship Profile
Russian lover's pregnancy behind Gibson-Robyn split

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Bear With Me

Most animal lovers would be happy to have a dog, or even a cat as their constant and loyal companion.
But naturalist Casey Anderson has taken that a step further and adopted an 58-stone grizzly bear called Brutus, who he has raised since birth.
The pair are inseparable and are so close that when Anderson married Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actress Missi Pyl in August last year, the bear stood in as best man.
more HERE Casey Anderson the new Timothy Treadwell?

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Stop Reusing Catheters : the Remix

Most bizarre video games of all time

BurgerTime (1982; arcade): Either you're walking over parts of a giant hamburger while anthropomorphized hot dogs, eggs and pickles chase you, or the burger's a normal size while you're the one who's shrunken - which still doesn't explain why some foodstuffs are alive and some aren't. Or why they're inconsistent in scale. Or why we're thinking so hard about this.
more HERE
play Burgertime HERE


Miss California Lies in Church

Rock Star of Rock Church?
Carrie Prejean, 21, claimed during Sunday services at her San Diego church that producers of the state pageant told her to apologize to the gay community and to avoid mentioning religion when she appeared last week on the "Today" show and other national programs.
But San Diego public relations representative Roger Neal, who said he was one of the people advising her, called those claims lies adding, "She chose to stand up in church and in front of the media and say something that was a lie," Neal said. "No one ever said, 'You must apologize to the gay community,' and no one ever said, 'Don't talk about your faith or your religion.' Those two things never came out of anybody's mouth."
more HERE

...more proof that religion indoctrinates impressionable people, teaching intolerance, hate and encouraging the spread of insidious non-truths claiming it all represents the teachings of a man they claim was the son of their god...despicable!
...oh, but in classic opportunist style, the church has no opposition to young girls being flaunted half naked and promoting the objectification of women...something they used to condemn...
...can't seem to find a petition to impeach this church of intolerance spokesperson...

Miss California: Being Gay Is a Choice
Miss California Joins Embarrassing Conservative Leader All-Stars
Miss California to Appear on The 700 Club
Samples of Mail To Miss USA Pageant
Beauty Queens Unite Against Prop 8 in New Ad

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Pork, Pandemic & Paranoia

Swine flu coverage is everywhere—on the Web, TV, radio and even spreading like wildfire on social networks like Twitter. But across all of the media outlets, there’s potential for misinformation. And unfortunately, some of this information is causing unnecessary panic.
HERE are some facts about swine flu to help give peace of mind
CDC Swine Flu Map HERE

The biggest myth?
Can people catch swine flu from eating pork?
No. Swine influenza viruses are not transmitted by food. You can not get swine influenza from eating pork or pork products. Eating properly handled and cooked pork and pork products is safe. Cooking pork to an internal temperature of 160°F kills the swine flu virus as it does other bacteria and viruses.

First U.S. Death From Swine Flu in Texas
Swine flu infects Wall Street
Swine Flu May Come From Corporate Pig Poop

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Pretty Potty Mouthed Woman

America's so-called sweetheart has one heck of a potty mouth.
Julia Roberts gave a colorful tribute to Tom Hanks on Monday, dropping the F-bomb several times at a Film Society of Lincoln Center event honoring the actor.
more HERE

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rockstar Boycott

you support hate when you drink this swill

Finally the gay community is organizing a boycott of Rockstar Energy Drink, the beverage owned by the son of hate talker Michael Savage, and managed by Savage's family.
more HERE

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Average Home Price in Motown

According to the Michigan Association of Realtors (data here), the average sales price of a Detroit home fell to $12,669 in February.
more HERE

Hydrogen, Helium & Brian

Hydrogen and Helium are the most common (and lightest) elements in the universe. Science comedian Brian Malow tells their story from the Big Bang to the Helium capitol of the world in Texas. This was filmed at Ignite SF. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


Dead? ...or Alive?

Pakistan's president said Monday his intelligence agencies believe Osama bin Laden may be dead, but he added there is no proof.
Other Pakistani officials and a U.S. counter terrorism official said they thought the al-Qaida chief is alive. U.S. officials said bin Laden is most likely hiding in the mountains along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, in particular the lawless tribal regions.
"We continue to believe that bin Laden is alive," said the U.S. official, who declined to be named because he was not authorized to discuss the matter on the record.
Reports of bin Laden's death or of near-captures have punctuated his years on the run since the September 11, 2001 attack on the U.S., only to be seemingly debunked by periodic audio and video recordings.
Washington Post report HERE


Dog Gone with the Wind

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Michigan - A six-pound Chihuahua has been reunited with her owners after a 70-mph gust of wind picked the puppy up and tossed her out of sight.
Dorothy and Lavern Utley credit a pet psychic for guiding them on Monday to a wooded area nearly a mile from where 8-month-old Tinker Bell had been last seen. The brown long-haired dog was dirty and hungry but otherwise OK.
more HERE

Happy Birthday Jay Leno

Lust For Sale

This is one of 2008's most pleasant surprises and hits the mark perfectly for all those interested in fashion, modeling, and nude photography. Marc Lagrange is a fashion photographer based in Belgium. His work is probably best known in Europe but this collection proves that he deserves a much wider audience.
available HERE


Straight to DVD

Poor Jessica Biel. Her new movie, Powder Blue, is going direct to DVD, a code phrase meaning a picture is so bad, even studio execs don’t have the nerve to ask $8 or $9 for a ticket. She plays a stripper with a heart of gold.
Biel hasn’t had a real movie in theatres since I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, back in ’07. And even in that, she really just played the Girl With the Unbelievable Body.
She gets another chance at a real movie next month, with something called Nailed. Get your minds out of the gutter: It’s about a young lady who accidentally gets a nail fired into her head.
more HERE Hollywood a nail in the head is like a stake through the heart, right?

Jessica Biel Strips Like A Pro

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3 Day Rule

Combating Word Poverty

Do people know more words than they actually use and is having a large vocabulary something you learn or have a natural ability for?
These are burning issues in the worlds of linguistics and education. On Monday it was reported that children in England will have lessons in formal language amid fears that some are suffering for stunted vocabularies.
US company Global Language Monitor (GLM) believes that the one millionth word will be added to the English language in mid-June.
Exposure to reading will obviously expand a person's vocabulary but the level of a person's education does not necessarily decide things.
A person with a poor education perhaps may not be able to read or read much but, they will know words and may have a very detailed vocabulary about pop songs or motorbikes. Some children that you could class as having a poor education know hundreds of words about skateboards that you won't find in a dictionary.
We must avoid cultural elitism.
more HERE

Glen Does Green Day

more Glen Campbell Sessions HERE

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Global Food Fight!

There is a real threat of food riots around the world unless research into increasing crop yields is stepped up, a leading UK scientist said.
Professor Douglas Kell, chief executive of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: "We have seen already in Indonesia and Mexico riots because of food shortages and what is undeniable is that the amount of food we are going to need to produce to deal with the world's population increases is an extra 50 per cent by 2030 and a doubling by 2050.
"We are going to have to do it on the same amount of land, because there isn't any more land, so we are going to have to increase agricultural yields.
"We are going to have to do that without increasing the amount of oil-based fertilisers we put in because oil is a finite resource and of course produces greenhouse gases.
"And we are going to have to use no more water because water is a resource in short supply as well."
He added: "Scientific research takes a long time to turn into applied fruits that are going to be of benefit to humanity and that is why we need to start the ball rolling now."
more HERE


For Beatles Fans

There are plenty of Beatles music footages on Youtube™ and Google Video™ but it's difficult to have them in a logical sequence. will help

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Fox News Says 'No-Bama'

Fox Broadcasting is taking a pass on President Obama's Wednesday news conference.
There is a school of thought -- or used to be anyway -- that says since Fox Broadcasting has government licenses to operate its television stations, it should not be so stingy when the nation's leader wants a little time to speak, even if the press conference will be available on at least 10 other outlets. Although the press conference will be on Fox News, it will still give the left ammunition that Fox parent Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. is against the current administration.
more HERE

Fox News Jokes About Killing Obama

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Queen Bitch

A young Thai jewelry designer has crafted a tiara worth $4.2 million for his pet dog.
The tiara consists of 153 karats of emeralds built with a titanium body and decorated with more than 100 karats of diamonds.
more HERE


Swine Flu Visionary...WHO KNEW...?


Prudish Sex Toys

# 2. Satin Honeymoon Heart Shaped Spanker
The "erotic practice" of spanking was commonly seen in Victorian pornography and is still widely considered taboo. If you're curious but feel a little unnerved by the prospect of a traditional paddle or whip, opt for this much gentler version.
it's available HERE

...whoever compiled THIS list of 'Ten Best Sex Toys' apparently has never experienced real sex...since the spanker above is the most erotic item on the list...

Panic in New York

The blue and white plane with “The United States of America” emblazoned on its side was one of two regularly used by the president. It was soaring above Lower Manhattan, Staten Island and Jersey City so government photographers could take pictures near the Statue of Liberty for publicity purposes. The sight awakened barely dormant fears of a terrorist attack, causing a momentary panic that sent workers pouring out of buildings.
Aides to President Obama, who was not on board, said he was incensed when he learned of the event Monday afternoon. The White House later issued a formal apology.
New York Times report HERE


Classic Costume

Get yours HERE.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Wine Corker...(or Porker)

This Happy Man Wine Bottle Corker redefines the expression, “Put a cork in it!”
available HERE

Sam & Lilo on the Sly

Cameras caught Samantha Ronson, 31, leaving Lindsay Lohan’s pad at 6 a.m. Friday after spending the entire night with her.
Lohan, 22, was spotted heading into Ronson’s home later that night and didn’t leave until the next morning.
Coincidentally - or not - Ronson changed her Facebook relationship status from “single” to “it’s complicated” around the same time.
A source close to Lohan said that the “Mean Girls” star’s alarming recent weight loss is an attempt to get attention from Ronson.“She is a self-destructive person,” Lohan’s “friend” says. “It’s all part of her cry for attention. She wants Sam to see how bad she’s hurting and she wants Hollywood to see her as a ‘tortured artist’ who is wasting away … This is a symptom of something much bigger – a desperate need to be noticed.”
more HERE

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Monkey See, Monkey 'I Do'

A 7-year-old male monkey named Wukong (R) and a 6-year old female monkey named Xiaoya are seen during a special wedding ceremony at a zoo in Wenling, Zhejiang province, September 4, 2008. The widlife park organized the wedding in the hope of attracting more visitors.
more HERE

Elaborate Hindu wedding ceremony in India for two monkeys

"The Truth" to be Revealed on the 100th Day

On his 100th day in office, President Obama will be "crowned" in messianic imagery at New York City's Union Square.
Artist Michael D'Antuono's painting "The Truth" – featuring Obama with his arms outstretched and wearing a crown of thorns upon his head – will be unveiled on April 29 at the Square's South Plaza.
According to a statement released about the portrait, "The 30" x 54" acrylic painting on canvas depicts President Obama appearing much like Jesus Christ on the Cross: atop his head, a crown of thorns; behind him, the dark veil being lifted (or lowered) on the Presidential Seal. But is he revealing or concealing, and is he being crucified or glorified?"
more HERE

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The Big One


Quote of the Day

“I wasn’t prepared for losing sight of my lower region. I’d say, ‘Dean, how’s it looking down there? Do I need to shave?’ But of course I couldn’t shave. So Dean had to shave me. He’d hold up a mirror and say ‘How’d I do?’ Or he’d take a picture with his Blackberry to show me.”
-- Tori Spelling


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The Main Causes of Traffic Accidents...