Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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You Go!

CARACAS, Venezuela — Supermodel Naomi Campbell left the glitz of the fashion world behind and joined Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at a political rally; Chavez greeted Campbell by planting a kiss on her hand as she arrived.
After calling Campbell "a very special woman," Chavez blasted President Bush for maintaining Washington's 46-year trade embargo against Cuba.
the story is HERE

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SF Bay Area Earth Quake 5.6

The Simpson's Game

New Cancer Prevention Report out....

See it HERE.

Dog is in the DOGHOUSE AGAIN...

NATIONAL ENQUIRER: Shock audio tape of Dwayne "Dog, The Bounty Hunter" Chapman set to be released with A&E cable star spewing foul-mouthed racial slurs...
Chapman uses 'N-Word' repeatedly while telling son to dump his black girlfriend: 'I'm not goign to take a chance ever in life of losing everything I worked for, for thirty years, because some f*@#ing n----- heard us say n----- and turned us into the ENQUIRER'...
Civil rights leaders are already calling for A&E to dump cable net's top rated show...

His wife was not involved in the situation, I just like to...(see them together?)

Britney On KIIS this morning...

Hear it HERE


Graveyard Smashed

Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner

Walk Soft and Carry a BIG, BIG GUN!

many more HERE

Last Minute Costumes

Just print, cut and paste on yer face...

many to choose from HERE

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Stick It

Dubai - A Filipino man is facing jail and deportation from Dubai after he was charged with breaching public decency for pasting a lewd sticker on his car windshield...
The 30-year-old computer programmer was embroiled in a series of court cases in which a small fine was slapped on him by a local court but later overturned in favor of a one-month jail sentence and deportation.
At the center of the dispute is a "kiss my ass" sticker, which the Filipino pasted on his vehicle windshield.
the story is HERE

Lesbian eCard

...if it stops mid-stream...hit play again

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Finally...An Explaination...

Moderate Earthquake Shakes SF BAY AREA

The quake had a preliminary magnitude of 5.6 and struck shortly after 8 p.m., about five miles northeast of Alum Rock and nine miles northeast of San Jose, according to the U.S. Geological Service. Basically RIGHT BELOW MY HOUSE....

Ten aftershocks with magnitudes of 1.3 to 1.8 were reported by 8:45 p.m.

It was raining DVD's for approximately 6 seconds, minutes as these things go....

Water pipe broke and all of the TV's were moved far enough for them to become unplugged from the walls...


And another HERE.

Outside there is buckling in the driveway...

California, It's not for EVERYONE....

Aftershocks anyone?

Apple Terminates 800 Employees

If you had been an Apple employee for more than a year prior to the launch of the iPhone, you get a free iPhone. Then came that nice $100 rebate for early adopters, which you may have found out you could get away with redeeming. Seems like a great deal, a free iPhone and $100 worth of credit, just for showing up to work... Well, if you took advantage of that rebate, you won’t have to worry about showing up for work anymore.

Apple, it seems, called these people CROOKS and has removed them from the payroll...


Parton sings Porter Wagoner to Death...

Dolly Parton said she was there with his family, sang for him and prayed with him."It felt good that I had the opportunity to say goodbye properly," Parton said.
Wagoner had a streak of hits in the 1960s and '70s, and enjoyed a comeback in recent months with a new album.
To many longtime fans, though, he may be best remembered for his sparkly rhinestone suits and for singing with Dolly on his TV show from 1967 to 1974.
Dolly Parton said Monday she feels like a part of her died along with her old duet partner, Porter Wagoner. But she said she was grateful that she was able to spend a few final hours with the man who launched her career before he succumbed to cancer Sunday.

"Part of him will always live through me and my music as he was my first big break," Parton said.

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Robert Goulet has passed away...

I have "FAITH" this will "SUCK"...

Lynne Spears to write Redneck Parenting Guide

Britney Spears' mother Lynne has signed a deal to write a tell-all book about life as a celebrity mother.
The 52-year-old was previously rumored to be spilling the beans on her troubled daughter's rise and fall from the limelight in an autobiography -- but a statement from Christian publisher Thomas Nelson insists it will focus purely on her skills as a mom.
A spokesman for Thomas Nelson confirms, "We've signed her to a deal. "It's a parenting book that's going to have faith elements to it. I don't think it's totally been written yet."
The tome is titled "Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World," and has been touted as "Lynne Spears' personal story of raising high-profile children while coming from a low-profile Louisiana community."

Ironically, Lynne's parenting of the 25-year-old star has been heavily criticized in recent months, most recently by comedienne Roseanne Barr, who blasted her for failing to stop Britney's party lifestyle.
The star's relationship with her mom has been strained since the singer entered rehab earlier this year, but the pair is said to have reconciled following developments in Britney's child custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

The book is due to be released in May 2008.

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Set the Tivo

Lindsay Lohan's family has signed up to star in their own reality TV show.
The Osbournes-style program will mainly feature Dina Lohan and her singer/actress daughter Ali, but Lindsay will be making a few cameo appearances.
Filming for the series, which will be shown on E!, is set to begin Oct. 30 in New York. Dina Lohan will be at the center of the action and will serve as executive producer. The show will also follow the Lohan matriarch as she attempts to manage other performers' careers.
She tells People, "It's about what I do, how you can be successful, and be a single mom and fulfilling your kids' dreams.
"It won't just be following my family around like other shows. It'll show me cultivating careers, going to soccer practice. Ali going to school and in the studio. It'll encompass everything. Lindsay is a family member and will lend a helping hand if Ali asks her, when she's in the recording studio. We just want it to be real."

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Sir Mick Engaged...?

Sir Mick Jagger has sparked reports of an engagement to his longtime girlfriend L'Wren Scott, after the former model was seen showing off a diamond-and-sapphire sparkler on her ring finger at an Indian music festival over the weekend.
The Rolling Stone rocker, 64, was in Rajasthan for a folk festival when his dark-haired girlfriend was spotted flaunting the striking piece of jewelry.
But Jagger has continuously dismissed rumors of a wedding to his lover of five years, after his previous two marriages -- to models Bianca Perez Morena de Macias and Jerry Hall -- both ended in divorce.

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Britney: The Court Order

Commissioner Scott Gordon gave Spears three visits with her children per week; two from 12:00 Noon to 7:00 PM and one overnight visit. The visits will be monitored.

Spears and K-Fed are ordered to figure out holiday schedules with the kids.

Britney must submit evidence that she childproofed her pool area by Friday.

Parenting Coach Assessment:

"during all three of my visits, Ms. Spears rarely engaged with the children in either conversation or play."

"It seems that [Britney's] choices are dependent more upon what she wants to do at any given time rather than what would be more enjoyable for the children."

"a lack of general attention at times" but there was nothing she would characterize as "abusive in a traditional sense."

The problem is that unless Ms. Spears realizes the consequences of her behavior and the impact that it has [on] her children, nothing is going to be successful."

Read the judge's order


The Excused Absence Network

You will need them eventually....HERE.

The Sixth Extinction is Upon Us

A dire warning has been issued to humankind...
Following a 5 year study by the UN Environment Programme over 1500 international scientists agreed that major threats to the planet, including climate change and population has put humanity at risk.
UNEP's report, 'Global Environment: Environment for Development" describes changes in the planet’s global atmosphere, land, water and biodiversity.
The UNEP warns that humanity currently exists beyond its means; of inequalities in development and consumption.
This crisis includes not just climate change, extinction rates and hunger, but other problems driven by growing human numbers, the rising consumption of the rich and the desperation of the poor.
many articles HERE
the Full Report can be found HERE
pdf is HERE
Sixth Extinction info HERE

...we really blew it


Criteria for 'Sexy'

Maxim magazine has revealed their list of the world’s unsexiest women, which includes ladies of the big screen, small screen and the concert stage.
The list, featured in the latest edition of Maxim, dubs “Sex and The City” star Sarah Jessica Parker as the number one Unsexiest Woman Alive, claiming Parker was the “least sexy woman in a group of very unsexy women.”

Granted, Mrs. Matthew Broderick is aging...but, Unsexiest Woman Alive? That's ridiculous! What is the criteria? How could she top the list that includes some of the raunchiest looking and most appalling demeanor, behavior and attitudes to be found in all of womankind?
This from a population that believes Angelina Jolie is sexy? Yuck!
How about Kimora Lee Simmons? She's, not only, butt-ugly...she's a disgusting display of un-deserved privilege, ignorance and self-centeredness...completely unsavory and absolutely un-sexy!

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Missy Elliot, 36, attended a birthday party for Ciara recently where she displayed some interesting behavior.
The rapper shocked partygoers at her “friend” Ciara's 22nd birthday party when she handed the singer an enormous diamond necklace...
...and the savvy Mistress Elliot knows...the way between an impressionable young woman's thighs is shiny objects and a 'phat' recording contract...
If Ms. Elliot's conquests get any younger she'll have to change her moniker from 'Misdemeanor' to 'Felony'...

Can you really blame her for wanting some of that?

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Copperfield is SCREWED...

Sex ban on the Airbus

“So they’ll sell you a double bed, and give you privacy and endless champagne — and then say you can’t do what comes naturally?” asked Tony, a vigorous 76. “Seems a bit strange.”

The lowdown on Singapore Airlines' 'no sex' rules for the double bed HERE

Saggy Pants = GAY


FKN Newz website HERE

A Lesbian Moment

A lesbian came home, screeching her car into the driveway, and ran into the house. She slammed the door and shouted at the top of her lungs, "Honey, pack your bags. I won the lottery!"

The "butch" of the couple said, "Oh my God! What should I pack, beach stuff or mountain stuff?"

"Doesn't matter," she said. "Just get out."

I always wondered where...

Country Music Legend Porter Wagoner Dies

Porter Wagoner, a Grand Ole Opry institution and member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, died Sunday (Oct. 28) in Nashville, Tennessee.
Famous for His Rhinestone Suits, He Was a Grand Ole Opry Star for 50 Years.
Known as the Thin Man From West Plains, he was 80 and had been hospitalized since Oct. 15. An Opry spokesperson announced on Oct. 21 that Wagoner had been diagnosed with lung cancer. More HERE
Wagoner's final album, "Wagonmaster," was released in June and earned him some of the best reviews of his career. Over the summer, he was the opening act for the influential rock duo White Stripes at a sold-out show at New York's Madison Square Garden. More HERE


Porter & Dolly


circa 1973


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The Origin of Shooting Stars

Little Legends get heavyweight audience

Sir Elton John, his partner, David Furnish, and supermodel Naomi Campbell stopped by Krave in Las Vegas on Saturday, celebrating Furnish's birthday.
"Entertainment Tonight" crews were in the club following the cast of "Little Legends" and Mini-Cher, played by Terra Jole, also known for her Mini-Britney and Mini-Madonna impersonations.

Remember...We told ya about it FIRST...
see the website HERE

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Coalescence of the Willing

Spain - Interviú magazine prints the first photos of a Spanish soldier in the nude.
Pilar Pacheco tells the magazine that she goes topless on the beach and that she did not find it that difficult to pose naked. The 26 year old has worked for the past eight years in administration in the Army, based in Ceuta.
If she had not been a member of the armed forces, she said she would have liked to have been a photographic model. She says that she has a lot of respect for the military, and that is why she has posed without any military insignia.
more HERE


The Last Supper Online

See it HERE

The Loretto Chapel

See it HERE

Bionic Boobs

ONE DOWNSIDE to Stateside stardom for Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan is the Yanks reckon she's got Bionic boobs too!
She keeps getting groped at parties by folk who can't believe she is naturally busty.
She said: "No one believes me when I tell them my boobs are real! They keep asking who is my surgeon.
"I say 'No, it's me, they are real and I am not changing them at all.


Sunday, October 28, 2007


Brand name this and brand name that...every starlet has a perfume, every rap star a clothing line...icons like Levi's and Keds compete against brand names outside their industry rather than within it...soft drinks and candy bars, resorts and amusement parks...high end Champagne? Why not? Veuve Clicquot is arguably the you like it? Why not wear it? Or decorate your home with it? $10 cozy? $20 cuff links? $50 tie? Or perhaps a $10,000 love seat...

shop Vevue HERE
there's lots of other stuff...and the best way to find it is through pictures...weird but true enough...check it out HERE


This has been the biggest evacuation in California history, breaking the record set in 2003 by the airlift of 700,000 children fleeing Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. -- Jimmy Kimmel

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Zappa on The Mike Douglas Show

Bridge School Benefit EXCLUSIVES

The Bridge School is an educational program dedicated to ensuring that children with severe speech and physical impairments achieve full participation in their communities through the use of augmentative & alternative means of communication (AAC) and assistive technology (AT) applications. Bridge School has established an outreach program to share what is developed at the school with parents, professionals and users of AAC/AT across the world.
Neil Young's wife Pegi is executive director of the school and this show to support the school is now in it's 21st year. For more on the school go HERE.


Jerry Lee Lewis

Tom Waits

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Naked America

For those Americans so inclined, rest assured: A federal appeals court has just made it easier to take naked pictures of yourself and post them on the Internet.
The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati earlier this week ruled that a federal pornography law, the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act, violates the First Amendment.
the story is HERE

Buckingham Blackmail

The Sunday Times says two men contacted a member of the royal staff and demanded £50,000, threatening to go public with video recordings involving sex and drugs if their demand was not met.
The paper alleges that the extortion attempt was launched on 2 August when a man telephoned the royal's office and said he had evidence that the royal had supplied an aide with an envelope containing cocaine.

According to the Sunday Times, the caller then claimed that he had a video tape showing the aide performing oral sex on someone, who the alleged blackmailer indicated was the royal.
the BBC story is HERE

Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank

Celia Rivenbark is an award-winning newspaper columnist and freelance journalist whose work has been compared to a cross between Erma Bombeck and Hunter S. Thompson.
read excerpts HERE
find it HERE


Kylie Comes Back

Kylie Minogue was dressed to thrill in a risqué sequined top honoring the female form for the cover of Q magazine. More HERE
The Pop princess also reprises her Marilyn Monroe look in a sexy film clip for her new single 2 Hearts. More HERE


Disaster Apartheid

American International Group Inc. (AIG) Wildfire Protection Unit, part of its Private Client Group, is offered only to homeowners in California's most affluent ZIP Codes -- including Malibu, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and Menlo Park -- and a dozen Colorado resort communities. It covers about 2,000 policyholders, who pay premiums of at least $10,000 a year and own homes with a value of at least $1 million.
AIG crews sprayed retardant on and around more than 160 homes in Malibu, Lake Arrowhead and the hardest-hit areas of Orange and San Diego counties this week. They claim to have saved a dozen homes.
This is just another way for the wealthy to buy their way around cash-strapped, understaffed public services. Firefighters across the region have complained this week that they simply did not have enough trucks, helicopters and airplanes.
Naomi Klein, author of the new book, "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism," said AIG offers a glimpse into the future of what she calls "disaster apartheid," in which the affluent are better equipped for emergencies.
the Los Angeles Times report is HERE
more info and book available HERE



“I think photographers should be lashed out at...They should be put in a cage where you can poke them with a stick for a quarter. But not in a hostile way, just for giggles. They really are on the attack against mankind; it’s a disease.” — Actor Sean Penn


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stephanie Seymour Still Sizzles

Now at 40, Stephanie Seymour is as smokin’ as she ever was; she keeps heads turning. The long-established French lingerie brand, Chantelle, has recruited Seymour as the new face of their company.
The new campaign tag line for Chantelle is “Beyond Beauty” which according to the creators of the campaign:
“Beyond Beauty refers mostly to inner beauty. At age 40, it’s not only the appearance, but also the character, the self-assurance and the maturity of a woman that makes her look and feel beautiful.”
Well, there you have it. The Chantelle ad campaign with Ms. Seymour are in all the Fall edition big fashion magazines.


Can of Lesbian Worms Opened

Scientists have created ‘lesbian worms’ in a new development that some are suggesting could shed light on the nature vs nurture debate over sexuality.
University of Utah researchers tweaked nematode worms to make them attracted to worms of the same sex and appear to have demonstrated that sexual orientation is hard wired, at least in nematodes.
the report is HERE

I Wanna Be A Pop Star

Mugshot of the Week

I'm not sure what bothers me more, the NOSE or the HAIR....

Candidates' Auto Affiliation

Fred Thompson: Hollywood car. Hot chick. ‘Nuff said.

see them all HERE


‘I Hate to Cook’ Author Peg Bracken Dies at 89

Start cooking those noodles, first dropping a bouillon cube into the noodle water. Brown the garlic, onion and crumbled beef in the oil. Add the flour, salt, paprika and mushrooms, stir, and let it cook five minutes while you light a cigarette and stare sullenly at the sink. — Recipe for “Skid Road Stroganoff,” from “The I Hate to Cook Book” (1960), by Peg Bracken.

She died last Saturday at her home in Portland, Ore. She was 89.
obit HERE
her work available HERE


Cranial Impalement Tour Rider

Neil and Bruce....

Madame Tussand opens new exhibit