Sunday, February 28, 2010

Glow in the Dark Light Plates

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Beer Machine

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Inflatable Sleeping Coat

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The Annoying Orange

Crayon Rockets

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Water Bobble

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Human Car

Excuse me while I donate to PETA....hahahahaha

Stop Motion Amazing

Shark Tank leak

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Amazing Clocks

Friday, February 26, 2010


Ashton cheats on Twitter....

Inflatable Hair

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He's HUGE....

"General" Larry Platt is finally cashing in on his "Pants on the Ground" phenomenon -- because "American Idol's" favorite senior citizen is now getting paid to play in Las Vegas.

Platt is scheduled to perform his semi-hit at JET nightclub at the Mirage Hotel today.

Sources at the hotel say Platt is being flown from Atlanta first class ... and will get pampered with free food, lodging, several thousand dollars and, last but not least, a steak dinner!

Somebody's not Happy....

Ms Love touring Ren Faires....?


"When you watch 'Lost,' crazy stuff happens. You love it, and then a few hours later you have no idea what happened. It's like the Jagermeister of TV shows." -- Jimmy Kimmel

Ms Rivers Talks

"Victoria Beckham is so nasty. Why doesn't she just go home?! Her dresses are beautiful, but I don't care what she does. She's mean to all the people around her. She's too short to be a diva. We all use the same hairdressers, make-up artists, limo-drivers and greeters at the airports in LA and nobody has anything nice to say about her. They say she's rude. She can't always just be having a bad day. Victoria Beckham should get a life. I am not a fan of outrageous consumption. I think it is vulgar.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Elizabeth Hurley out on a "nippy" night

Time for a Haircut....

Oh thats how U say it...

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The other Billy Ray Cyrus spawn...

Antonio Banderas yesterday

Craigslist has gotten a little stranger...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic Tizzy

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Cindy Adams and Judge Judy are Dating...

Big Bang Theory headed for Big Break Up?

The Solution to Sweaty Balls

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Jessica Simpson Tweating...

She tweeted a photo of herself wearing a face mask with a caption that read: “The Price Of Beauty. Thanks La Mer for the upper and lower zone radiant mask.”

Another Afternoon in the Olympic Village

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Now that's a Plate....

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Rihanna has some little people for her Birthday

George W had a phrase for this "Evil Doer"


On how it's her fathers fault:
"When my father was going public, that's when I hit rock bottom. I abused substances too much and it wasn't the answer to my problems. People need to know that. I tried to mask my problems with alcohol, cocaine and mind-altering substances. Now I'm in a place where I don't need to use anything and I can feel emotions because I choose to. I learnt from my mistakes and I'm now healthy and happier. I never want to be close to losing everything I worked for and aspired to have my whole life."

On how she's the new Candy Finnigan:
"Mind-altering substances are so dangerous. If I can teach others, especially teens, by sharing my experiences, then that's what I will continue to do. I've made some dreadful mistakes but learned from them - that has probably saved my life."

On how she went to Rehab:
"I went to rehab three times. The first time I checked myself in because I had taken Ambien. It's a sleeping aid but it makes you hallucinate. I'd run a bath and fallen asleep on the floor and the bath had overflowed. When I woke up I was so scared, I called my therapist and said, 'Can I just go somewhere for a month? I'm around bad people and I need to take care of myself'. I was terrified, so I put myself in."

On how she became the train wreck she is today:
"There was a point when I didn't know how to say 'No' and I was trying to please everyone. I was doing pop and making films. I was young and thought I could go out, have fun, then go on set and record. I ran myself down and I lost track of who I was."

On the first time she was every caught with coke by the police:
"It was in a purse and I was with friends. I wasn't trying to lie to police. I was only aware of cocaine because of my dad. I was terrified of it. But I tried it because I was stubborn, stupid, and wanted to see what it was like. It's not something I ever want to do again. It made me feel like shit. It became uninteresting to me. I'm hyper anyway and I have that kind of personality so I don't need something like that."

On how she's full of ...:
"I'm allowed to drink now but I know my limits. There are certain situations where I have obligations. There's no reason to (drink) because I don't want to feel like s*** in the morning. I've now learned my boundaries and I've been very good with cleaning house with people who I know didn't have my best intentions at heart. A lot of people in LA are very self destructive. Partying so hard simply isn't worth it. Life is worth living and there is so much to do and experience, it's wonderful."

Interesting Marketing Strategy....

Hey, so thats what "Sexual Napalm" feels like....

Remember that kid in grade school who used to "eat paste?" ever wonder what he's doing now?

WWE Pyro goes WRONG

Party at Rosie's House...

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm soooo CONFUSED....

One in the pink...One in the "I forget"

Happy Birthday Don Pardo


Happy Birthday Drew


Jennifer Love Hewitt Weirdness


"How is it that the Olympics can hand out 250 medals in a few weeks? It takes 'American Idol' 58 weeks to pick one karaoke singer." -- Jimmy Kimmel

Man breaks into jail for sex with girlfriend....

Story HERE.

Why women love self obsessed....

Story HERE.

Love to be a fly on the wall for that chat.....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

More on "The Lago" incident

Lago offered up an apology after the above photo of him became public. He agreed to leave the Olympic Village , but sources close to Lago tell a different story, he received an ultimatum from the U.S. Olympic Committee: either say you're sorry and go ... or get ejected from the Olympic Village.

As for when we might hear from Lago himself ... it appears he's in a "blackout period" -- meaning he can't talk about the incident at all until March 3.

Gimme back my coat....

Dr Arnie Klein MJ's longtime dermatologist and friend has filed a claim against Michael Jackson's estate ... seems he wants his green jacket back.

Dr. Klein claims Michael borrowed a Gianfranco Ferre green jacket from him several months before he died , a jacket Klein claims is worth $10,000.

According to the claim, "The jacket has not been returned prior to death and has not been returned after death (although demand has been made)."

Klein is not asking for any money, but wants his blazer back.

Klein filed another claim against the Michael Jackson estate back in October -- for $48,522.89 for medical services.


"American snowboarder Shaun White is called the 'Flying Tomato,' which I think is an unfair nickname. He's a bit more carroty isn't he?" -- Craig Ferguson

The Prego Men: Tom Beatie and Scott Moore...and Chas Bono makes 3

Diabetic Effect

Story HERE.

Allred Stunt

Story HERE.

Shauns Secret

“My secret is an awesome new product – called water. It’s pretty curly on its own. I just use the hotel shampoo and conditioner and wash it every other day, because otherwise it gets huge. Two days of snowboarding in a helmet helps — it looks better dirtier.”

Museum of Beauty

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Ron Paul wins Straw Poll

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


"Tiger Woods made a televised public apology. He needs three more to tie my record." - David Letterman

Kevin, How's the skin Cancer coming?

Hilary Duff Is Engaged


Bronze medal winner Scotty Lago livin...ahhh "large"?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Challenge?

The U.S. Curling Association has its own official condom: “Hurry Hard,” named for a phrase curlers cry to encourage faster ice-sweeping. Vancouver organizers have stocked the Olympic Village with 100,000 condoms — 14 for every resident.

Your Highness, leave by the Whitehouse backdoor, watch the trash...