Friday, November 30, 2007

Hair-Eating Woman & the 10-Pound Hairball

Oh go ahead, you know you wanna know more...
and it's right HERE

Writer's Rapping/Rapping Writer's

Conan follows Dave's lead...

Conan O'Brien, host of NBC's "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" will cover the salaries of his non-writing production staff -- nearly 80 people -- for the foreseeable future.
Like David Letterman at CBS, O'Brien made the decision to step up in a big way to take care of those who help him put on the show every night.
On the other side of the coin...Carson Daly is a goat...
read all about it HERE

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News Deaths Hit All-Time High

At least 171 journalists and other news media staff have died as a result of their work around the world so far this year, making 2007 the bloodiest year on record for the industry.
the report is HERE

Moment of Zen

Homer Simpson’s Three Little Sentences that will get you through life:

1. "Cover for me."
2. "Oh, good idea, Boss!"
3. "It was like that when I got here."


2 Girls, 1 Cup: The Real Poop

Been wondering about the identity of the auteur behind the "2 Girls, 1 Cup" video that has been making millions of Internet users gag?
Well, the repulsive video--which has become such an online sensation that it has been knocked off by John Mayer and Perez Hilton, and has launched 1000's of videos showing people watching it--can be blamed on Marco Fiorito....See more HERE about the man behind the reaction.

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RIP: Evel Knievel dies at 69

Visit his official website HERE
and/or watch videos from his life HERE


Her Feet; Your Pay Check

OK! is reporting that Katie Holmes has asked Christian Louboutin to design and make a custom pair of shoes for Suri Cruise. Custom Louboutins cost $3,000 and up a pair. The 18-month-old Scientologist has already had a mold made of her feet for her custom footwear; they will be ready by Christmas... And we know that every 18 month old is writing Santa demanding designer shoes...
An insider has informed us that they "...aren't custom shoes...". They are actually a codec containing a secret code that will allow her on to the mothership when Xenu shows up for her parents. This all reminds me of the time Jethro started his own airline on the Beverly Hillbillies...

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Winning the Lotto isn't lucky for everyone....

Mr. Timothy Elliot from Hyannis, Massachusetts won $1 million in the lottery; the problem is: he wasn't supposed to be gambling. The 55-year-old Timothy Elliot is on five years probation for robbing a bank and the court ordered him to never gamble again after they heard he had a little problem that caused him to take money from banks to pay other people he owed...
Timothy will lose his winnings and the court will decide if he will be sent to the big house for violating his probation. They will also decide where his cash will go...

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Not all Super Heros appear in Comic Books...

Public Nudity

Scrotum Slapping Game

Masked Men

“Confessions of a Superhero” is a documentary featuring four of the persona's who spend their life pimping themselves out for tourists on Hollywood Boulevard...
official website is HERE
Reuters article is HERE

Olsen Twins selling some property...

The Olsen twins have put their New York apartment in the West Village on the real estate market.
The asking price?
A $12 million shag palace!

Click here to take a virtual tour of the property.

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Happy Birthday Mindy McCready

See a video of her work HERE



Jenna Jameson and Heatherette designer Richie Rich are opening a store together in the Chinatown section of NYC reports Page Six. Richie said their store will be housed in an old brothel. I'm pretty sure every store front in Chinatown used to be a house of prostitution at some point in the past..
It will open next year under the name "The General Store." More like "The General Whore." Richie said the store will feature clothes designed by him and picked by Jenna. I'm thinking Fredericks of Hollywood meets Hello Kitty with a Ron Jeremy Mens Collection...

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The Line Up

A controversial exhibit at the New York Public Library featured photos of President Bush and other White House leaders that was doctored -- to make it look as though they posed for a mug shot. Artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese created 'Line Up'.
more HERE and HERE

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German Engineered Speed Bump



Bionic Blink

Companies are trying to capitalize on the eyelash-growing side effect of bimatoprost, and are working on developing preparations to make women and men more attractive, without the mascara...
the Wall Street Journal article is HERE

Life Saving T&A

The Bikini Life-Jacket: Bringing Back Boobs and Ass
  • It can help save lives
  • It is much more attractive to wear than traditional life jackets
  • Your likelihood of being saved by a male lifeguard in the area probably increases ten-fold when you are wearing it
  • Increases the chance of David Hasselhoff coming to your watery rescue
  • Additional padding in the rear to achieve J-Lo levels of buoyancy
more @ Gizmodo

Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen?"

Could THIS be coming soon from FOX?

Selected for Sundance

"Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson," directed by Alex Gibney, looks at the late author's prime period of 1965-75 via previously unavailable home movies, audio recordings and unpublished manuscripts.

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Got Game?

Electronic Arts has apologized for a recent promotion for Need for Speed which used 'Page 3' porn models...
the story is HERE

Kenya's Sex Tourists

Well-off older white women in search of sex in Kenya...
the story is HERE

La Russa Drunk on COPCARCAM

St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa pleaded guilty to driving under the influence on Wednesday.Breath samples provided by La Russa showed his blood alcohol content at .093.
more HERE


We're just sayin'...

It looks to us like whatever is growing on the 'Stepford' Mom's shoulder (top) ...looks a lot like the stuff growing on the body of our friend we introduced to you the other day....

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Rodney King has Been Shot, then had a SHOT

Rodney King, he of the videotaped beating from Los Angeles police back in 1991, was shot and wounded on a San Bernardino street corner late Wednesday.
King called Rialto police just before midnight to report the shooting. According to Sgt. Don Lewis, King was struck in the face and arm -- with what appeared to be pellets or birdshot. When police arrived at King's home, they reported that King and others inside appeared drunk.
I wonder if it happened HERE



Britney Preggo Proof


My 2008 Summer Vacation

Donnie and Marie Osmond are reuniting for an eight-performance run July 17-23 2008 at the MGM Grand's Hollywood Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Check out the preview HERE

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Holiday Gift Idea #103

Get yours HERE for only $1400.00

Serious Soul

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings...

new album available HERE
NPR interview HERE

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Jumpin' Jimny!

Evoking images of astronauts bounding across the surface of the moon, Kangoo Jumps are low impact rebound sport shoes designed to provide a safe platform for jogging and other exercises that are notoriously hard on the joints. Everything you need to know is HERE
demo video HERE

...the guy in the picture DOES NOT evoke astronauts...

'Bronski' Overdose

For those of you who don't know, a "bronski" is when you smoosh your face between a woman's big breasts.
Japanese bra maker Maruko (Translation: Bras that make your breasts look bigger.) fixates on the bronski in their new ad campaign.

Coveted Assets

Cheryl Cole, The stunning Girls Aloud singer topped a poll to find which celebrity had the finest breasts.
Curvy 'Strictly Come Dancing' star Kelly Brook was second, followed by actress Scarlett Johansson, Charlotte Church and Victoria Beckham.
more HERE

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today would have been Anna Nicole Smith's 40th birthday


  • Indubitably
  • Innovative
  • Preliminary
  • Proliferation
  • Cinnamon
  • Specificity
  • British Constitution
  • Passive-aggressive disorder
  • Loquacious
  • Transubstantiate
  • "Thanks, but I don't want to have sex"
  • "Nope, no more booze for me"
  • "Sorry, but you're not really my type"
  • "Good evening officer, isn't it lovely out tonight?"
  • "Oh I couldn't, nobody wants to hear me sing...."

Lamborghini Driver Reaches Speeds of 219 MPH on Phoenix Freeway

See it HERE

Note to Self : Stay out of the Kitchen

Now thats SMOKIN' !!!!

Disabled Man Gets Jail Term for Planting Secret Camera/Clock in Friend’s Bathroom

See it HERE.

Police on Hunt for ‘Mall Masturbator’ Who Posted Videos Online

See it HERE.

another "bun/hillbilly" in the oven...





Zac, Hormones and the Wandering Eye

Zac Efron couldn't help peering down at 'High School Musical' co-star Ashley Tisdale's cleavage as she stood beside him and his girlfriend UltraVixen Vanessa Hudgens...perhaps there's more going on here than we think...

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Laws that don't belong...

Elton John's man friend, David Furnish, is supporting a new bill in the UK that wants to make homophobic jokes illegal. If the bill is passed and you are found guilty of promoting hatred against homosexuals you could face 7-years in jail.
Furnish said, "I think any sort of hatred is unacceptable so yes, I support it. That said, I think this country is unbelievably tolerant and I feel privileged to live here and to be married to a Brit - as well as thankful that I can be married to a Brit."

Gee, why stop there, why not ban ALL jokes that offend ANY group?...(MORON!)

Ok, that being said: It's time for a little HOMO humor,

What's the difference between a gay man and a freezer?
Freezers don't fart when you pull the meat out...

The moral of this story: free speech is the bedrock of any Democracy and helps reign in people like
David Furnish...

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Just a week after winning a lawsuit against Britney Spears, Louis Vuitton bosses apologized to artist Anthon Beeke for using his "Naked Ladies Alphabet" without his permission.

The naked ladies were bent into the shape of the fashion house's name by artist Vanessa Beecroft and the design then displayed on the 4,300-square-foot space on top of the Champs-Elysées store in Paris. Both Beecroft and Louis Vuitton have apologized to the Dutch graphic designer and will cease to use any images that may infringe on the artist's copyright.

The French fashion house won a $117,000 cash settlement and the rights to have a Britney Spears ‘Do Somethin’ video banned from future use after it was agreed, last week, it infringed copyright by featuring the label's trademark print.

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Cornwell Comes Out

Best-selling crime novelist Patricia Cornwell apparently likes ladies. She liked a woman so much, in fact, she married one! Cornwell opens up about her wife and other stuff HERE
her official website is HERE


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hulkster or Scamster...?

The Hogan divorce could be one, big ugly fabrication. The lawyers of John Graziano's family believes it might be reports The SP Times .
John Graziano is the man who remains in the hospital and is suffering from brain damage due to a car accident involving Hulk's son Nick Hogan.
Kimberley Kohn
, the Graziano attorney, thinks it's a way for them to protect their assets.
Linda Hogan
has asked for half of everything including a Bel Air mansion and a Florida home. Kimberly said if Linda gets half that would also cut Hulk's assets in half. If the car involved in the crash is not registered to both Linda and Hulk it could be hard to go after her, so they would have to go after Hulk only; giving them less money.
Graziano is planning to file a civil suit against the Hogans in 2008 and will file as if Linda and Hulk are still married.

Note: Steroid addled guys with mullets and wealthy women who dress like hookers aren't as dumb as they they have the money to hire conniving lawyers...

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Dr. Robert Cade, Inventor of Gatorade, Dead at 80

Dr. Robert Cade, the man who invented Gatorade and sparked the multi-million dollar sports drink industry, has died of kidney failure; he was 80.
The University of Florida announced his's where he and other researchers created Gatorade in 1965 to help the school's football players replace carbohydrates and electrolytes lost through sweat while playing in swamp-like heat. Read more HERE

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Greater Aid

Thirst Quencher Plus

Madonna’s Dyed Sheep Shoot Angers Animal Rights Group

Madonna has outraged animal rights groups by dyeing her pet sheep different colors for a photo shoot.
The singer and her husband Guy Ritchie have been branded "irresponsible" after coloring their sheep blue, pink, yellow and green for a Vogue magazine spread at their English country estate.
A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) said: "Why is it necessary and what are they trying to prove? It is an irresponsible publicity stunt."
The couple say the shoot - which will be featured in a new book 'Vogue Living: House, Gardens, People' - was staged in homage to legendary photographer Cecil Beaton. The noted portrait photographer lived on the $18 million Ashcombe Estate during the 30's and 40's.

Madonna, 49, and Ritchie, 39, insisted the dye used was temporary and did not harm the animals.
However, the RSPCA do not accept their reasoning, and are adamant the stunt could lead to dangerous copycat incidents.
The source added: "We would really question the need to do it. It really does send out the wrong message about how to use animals.
"Animals used in this sort of publicity stunt can lead to copycats. Even if the dye used in this instance is safe for the animals, other people might copy it with a dye that isn't safe."

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She is Juddalicious

"Oh, thats where the drapes go when they get old.....hummm...."


WineWHORE Cancels Tour

Drug addled Amy Winehouse has canceled all of her remaining appearances for the rest of the year, The Sun is reporting today.
The singer looked frail and nearly incoherent in a recent performance. Rumors are that she's out of control since her husband was imprisoned on charges of interfering with an investigation. Maybe she should call our favorite out of control leader singer of the BABYSHAMBLES...a nice Christmas duet would sound great on BBC Radio...but then again, I could be wrong...
The Sun quoted her as saying, "I can't give it my all on-stage without my Blake. I'm so sorry but I don't want to do the shows half-heartedly. I love singing. My husband is everything to me and without him it's just not the same." Ya, looks like your body weight is down 50%...

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10 worst album covers of all time

See them all HERE