Monday, March 31, 2008

R.I.P.: Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens, the comic book artist and commercial illustrator who created the hero the Rocketeer and was famous for his ’50s-pinup-style renderings of women, died in Turlock, California, on March 10. He was 52.
New York Times obit HERE
official website HERE
art books available HERE

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Send a Log...

Send yours HERE.

Happy Bleedin' Birthday Angus!

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Rick Flair Retires...whoooo hoooo!


Rolling Stoned

Keith Richards "...smokes weed all the time."

The Rolling Stones guitarist - who was treated for heroin addiction in the late 1970's - admits he still loves getting high on cannabis, but no longer dabbles in hard drugs.

Richards said, "I smoke my head off. I smoke weed all the time. There, you've got it. "But that's all I take, all I do. I do smoke and I've got some really good hash."

Referring to his heavy drug use in the 1960s and 1970s, he added, "People thought I was going to die. I never did - as you can see. The drugs? Oh yeah, they were great. "Now I'm on medication. Drugs now? It's a dodgy subject."

Keith's substance abuse earned him a notorious reputation as a hell raiser. The 64-year-old rocker was arrested on five separate occasions for drug-related offenses, and at one point was believed to have regular full-body blood transfusions to clean out his system.
more HERE

Last year, Keith claimed to have snorted his late father's ashes.

Is it a stretch to envision a Willie Nelson/Keith Richards Tour this summer...

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MySpace Profile Hint #2


Global Warming Impact: Lake Tahoe

A new UC Davis study predicts that climate change will irreversibly alter water circulation in Lake Tahoe, radically changing the conditions for plants and fish in the lake.
The likelihood that when the lakes' oxygen is gone, phosphorus that is currently locked up in the lake-floor sediments will get released. This phosphorus will eventually reach the lake's surface, where it will fuel algal growth. Algae blooms can cause many problems, including reduced lake clarity, unpleasant odors and bad-tasting drinking water.
Lake Tahoe will essentially turn blue to green...
the story is HERE

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Dancing with the...

The Lopez cash machine

Jennifer Lopez's husband Marc "Skeletor"Anthony has given her a $300,000 diamond ring to celebrate the birth of their twins.
It cost $1.4 million to give birth in a birthing suite at Long Island's North Shore University Hospital
They hired exclusive Los Angeles baby boutique Petit Tresor to design a nursery in the couple's Puerto Rican estate.

They received $6 million for the first photo shoot with her babies

The kids have a masseuse and color therapist.

Jennifer bought two Shetland ponies for Max and Emme, along with diamond-encrusted rattles, 600 thread count Egyptian cotton for the baby's cots and designer babygros for the nursery wing in her Los Angeles home.
story is HERE

All of that without a single piece of acting or singing talent...they should just buy NEVERLAND RANCH and get it over with...

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Breast Game Origins

Breasts have become a huge factor and trend in the world of gaming; it’s quite interesting how this whole trend started.
read about it HERE


Provocative Protest Panties

U.K. human rights charity Reprieve had been accused of smuggling undies to a prisoner held at Guantánamo Bay...So together with Reprieve founder Clive Stafford Smith, Joe Corre conceived the "Fair Trial My Arse" panties, now on sale at Agent Provocateur stores in the United States and United Kingdom.
more HERE

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Major League Porno Collection

55,000 pornos... That's the number Hideki Matsui claims to have.
“Indeed, his only eccentricity, if it can be called that, is his extensive private library of adult videos. His refreshing ability to laugh self-deprecatingly about his porno collection, reporters say, is one reason why fans and even nonfans have taken to him so much.”

more HERE
It was not clear whether Matsui had among his collection of fine porn the infamous Kazuhito Tadano gay porn video.

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Love & Death

Men More Likely to Die on Anniversary of Loved One's Death
A new medical study shows just how fragile a broken heart really can be. Men, in particular, are more susceptible to suffering serious health consequences on the anniversaries marking the deaths of loved ones, especially a parent, according to new research.
the story is HERE

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ignorance is no Excuse

Speaking to a group of journalists yesterday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice admitted that she didn’t think the war in Iraq "...would be this tough..."

...if you didn't already know she's an idiot, maybe THIS will convince you...

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Now Playing: RECESSION

More teens seeking bigger breasts

The number of 18- and 19-year-olds nationwide having breast augmentations rose 15% last year...
the story is HERE

Stupid Girl

...she seems a lot more intelligent when she doesn't speak...

Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.
- Mark Twain

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Random Sunday Morning Surf

Saturday, March 29, 2008

TSA goes TIT for TAT

video is HERE

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Liz Talks Tits

Famed columnist Liz Smith admires Nicole Kidman's bosom...
the column is HERE

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Bad Pussy!

THE Pussycat Dolls have been fined for being too sexy.
The girl group - famed for their raunchy routines - must pay $3400 for flashing body parts during a concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, last July.
During the routine, Carmit Bachar, who has since left the group, exposed a breast while Ashley Roberts was accused of revealing her private parts after her tiny pair of shorts left little to the imagination.
story is HERE

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Pick a Winner

See actual celebrities mining for gold HERE

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DJ Kat Rules

See it HERE


Flim Flam Man

Apparently, Kansas is the first known location for Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie Brüno, the "sequel" to Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.
Officials at Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport thought they were doing a film crew a favor by letting them film a "European man" visiting America.
But when the crew stripped down to their tight short shorts and began dancing in the airport lobby, the terminal crew knew they had been duped.
the story is HERE

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Jamie Lynn: The Baby Registry

Jamie Lynn's baby is coming and it appears that the 16-year-old — and her rumored fiancé Casey Aldridge — have registered in preparation for baby. But is it really the parents' wish list — or just another Internet hoax?
story is HERE
Watch Britney's lil' sister walking around a parking lot HERE

Oh...and Jamie Lynn? ...we totally SUPPRT you.

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Porn Camp Weekend

Sometime this weekend, at some sexy, unknown location in Tampa Bay, a woman named Courtney Cummz will show two-dozen prospective adult filmmakers how to make a porno.
The film shoot is part of "Porn Camp," a weekend-long, $4,000-a-head seminar that'll cover everything from porn-star pay scales to set design to proper Web site design.
the story is HERE


Texas Titty Twister

U.S. transport officials expressed regret over a woman who was forced to remove her nipple rings before boarding a flight in Texas.
Mandi Hamlin (above), a 37-year-old graphic artist from Dallas, complained of being humiliated by airport staff after being ordered to remove her nipple rings with a set of pliers before boarding a plane in Lubbock, Texas.
more HERE


Fun with Photoshop: Are You Ready for the Jelly?

What Would Sigmund Freud Say?

Hulk Hogan wasted no time in getting back onto the dating scene after his wife Linda filed divorce papers to end their 24-year their marriage.
The Hulkster accompanied his new lady Jennifer McDaniel to Hollywood last night.
Photographers on the scene mistook her for Hulk's marginally talented daughter Brooke. Awkward. And slightly creepy.
more pics HERE

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Picnic Table Porno

BELLEVUE, OHIO -- A man in central Ohio is accused of having sex with his picnic table.
The investigation began when a tipster gave police three DVDs showing Arthur Price having sexual intercourse with a metal round table on his deck.
Police say the DVDs show Price involved in a sex act in his bedroom. He walks out to his deck, tilts the table on its side and has sex with it.
the story is HERE

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Paris Hilton offends Turkey

Paris Hilton offended people in Turkey by showing off her belly dancing skills on the country’s national television. more HERE
pics HERE


Jessica Simpson is Hiding Something


Doomsday Fears Spark Lawsuit

The builders of the world's biggest particle collider are being sued in federal court over fears that the experiment might create globe-gobbling black holes or never-before-seen strains of matter that would destroy the planet.
the story is HERE

Job Market Forecast

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rolling Stones Welcome

More than four decades after their 1964 gig at the Empress Ballroom finished in a riot, The Rolling Stones are finally being allowed back into Blackpool.
The band were bundled off stage as the ballroom erupted in violence, believed to have started after a member of the 7,000-strong crowd spat at guitarist Brian Jones.
A ban has effectively kept the band out of the resort ever since.
But the current council leader would like to see the situation remedied stating "...the ban is lifted. We reach out the hand of friendship. "What I am saying is: 'Come back Mick, all is forgiven.'"
BBC story HERE


The Tarantino Treatment

Happy Birthday Quentin

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Femme Nylonfootslave Shoe Shop

Helen Mirren - Number 1 Nude

Dame Helen Mirren has been crowned the top naked celeb for "promoting healthy nudity".
Despite her 62 years, Helen flashed her flesh in Brit flick Calendar Girls in 2006 as well as a string of movies throughout her career.
A spokesperson for the Naturist Society said: "She's actually a naturist and goes nude sunbathing. Nude is not lewd. It is beautiful."
story is HERE
pic above from 'Savage Messiah'


Hustled Halliwell

Shots of the then-teenage Geri Halliwell (AKA Ginger Spice), posing in nothing but fishnet stockings, will make their debut in the June '08 issue of Hustler magazine.
the story is HERE
a few pics HERE

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Will you Live 'till you Die?

Bad Celebrity Parent of the Week

Richie Sambora is facing possible criminal charges for child endangerment. Richie was arrested yesterday for DUI and his 10-year-old daughter, Ava, was in the car. Ava is Richie's daughter with Heather Locklear. A woman and another minor were also in the car.

TMZ reported that Richie chose to take a blood test instead of blowing into a breathalyser. Tests results could be ready within the week. If Richie was drunk driving, he might be charged with endangering two kids.

Heather was contacted at the time of Richie's arrested and allowed the other adult in the car to drive her daughter home.

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Don't Cha Wanna be a Pepper?

Somebody in marketing at Dr. Pepper is a major Axl Rose fan. The company announced that everyone in America, except estranged Guns n Roses bandmates Slash and Buckhead, will receive a free can of Dr. Pepper if Axl releases "Chinese Democracy" in 2008. Axl has been working on his "Pet Sounds/Sgt. Pepper" album for over 10 years.

A spokesperson for the company said, "It took a little patience for us to perfect Dr. Pepper's special mix of 23 ingredients, so we completely understand and empathize with Axl's quest for the perfect album." The company wants fans to get Axl to release the album already.
more HERE

Mr. Rose responded: "We are surprised and very happy to have the support of Dr. Pepper with our album Chinese Democracy."

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Finally an Eddie Murphy Home Test Kit

A take-home DNA test went on sale Tuesday at 4,363 Rite Aid drug stores throughout the United States, except for New York, because they all use condoms and know who fathered their babies.
The DNA test costs $29.95 and it contains a swab, a consent form and an envelope. The swab is used to collect saliva from baby, mommy and possible baby daddy. You then mail the swab to a lab for an additional $119. It takes 3 to 5 business days to get your results by mail, email or their online service.
more HERE

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Heidi Montag is lookin' for doubles

Heidi Montag is looking for a few lookalikes to model her new fashion line, Heidiwood. Contestants must be 21, a resident of California and have all their shots and, like Heidi, must be dumb, fake, hot-bodied, and most importantly, useless. The 9 chosen models will appear at a launch party held on April 11th in Los Angeles.
Click here to submit yourself


Happy Birthday Fergie

R.I.P. Egg McMuffin Creator

Herb Peterson, the inventor of McDonald's Egg McMuffin, passed away at the age of 89.
Herb invented the Egg McMuffin in 1972, because he loved eggs benedict. The breakfast sandwich made its debut at Herb's McDonald's franchise in Santa Barbara.
At the time of his death, he owned 6 McDonald's restaurants in the Santa Barbara area. McDonald's said he died peacefully at home.
obit HERE

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Nice Boobs...


Ultimate fights expand to include kids

CARTHAGE, Missouri - The sport often derided as "human cockfighting" is branching out.
The bare-knuckle fights are now attracting competitors as young as 6 whose parents treat the sport as casually as wrestling, Little League or soccer.
story is HERE


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sea Monkeys

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

What Alka-Seltzer does to meat...
...when shot out of a cannon


F***ing Seth Rogen

Richard Widmark dies at 93

obit HERE


You give love a BAD NAME...

Richie Sambora was arrested for DUI last night in Laguna Beach, California.
'THE MAN' pulled him over before 11pm PST after they noticed he was driving wacky in his black Hummer.
In his defense, Hummers are huge and near impossible to navigate city streets in.

Richie entered rehab last year and was said to be doing well, so well he went out to celebrate it seems...
Let's blame Denise Richards for this. It's obvious.
more HERE

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Katie needs The Geek Squad

Star magazine claims Katie Holmes is on the verge of a breakdown. The actress has been suffering from dizzy spells and headaches that cause her to feel faint and see black spots (they're called L RON HUBBARD seeds).
Katie's also feeling the pressure to lose even more weight even though she's robot thin.

An insider claims, "Katie doesn't get enough sleep — and hasn't for months now. She's tired and drained much of the day because Tom is so wired, and they stay awake until after midnight. He has boundless energy, and she just can't compete." (it's hard work pretending to be REAL when you're a machine)

The insider also said that Tommy is gone for days at a time telling Katie, "You can be with me, but don't ask about it." (He is SO on MAN DATES...DUH!!!)

The insider added, "It's on Katie's shoulders to pull off something beyond magnificent, something Tom can brag about. She's giving herself headaches thinking about it and making herself sick." (What does it take to call up the set designer for the Star Trek films and let him create his magic?)
it's all HERE

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Paralympic Sled Hockey


U.S. Passports Outsourced - Whoo Hoo!

The United States has outsourced the manufacturing of its electronic passports to overseas companies — including one in Thailand that was victimized by Chinese espionage — raising concerns that cost savings are being put ahead of national security, an investigation by The Washington Times has found.
The first of a 3 part series HERE


Schwarzenegger terminates Eastwood

Clint Eastwood says he was surprised at his removal from the California State Parks Board in the wake of his opposition to a toll road. But he says he holds no hard feelings toward Schwarzenegger.
Los Angeles Times article is HERE

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Superhero Movie spoofs Tom Cruise Scientology

Famous Obese Chef saved by layers of Fat

Louisiana - Cajun chef Paul Prudhomme was shot...but amazingly the bullet did no damage. All that extra padding (FAT) finally paid off!
Prudhomme was cooking (DUH) at a golf course when he felt something hit his arm. That something was a .22 caliber bullet! It didn't even penetrate his skin!

Police had originally classified the incident as a shooting, but then deemed it a simple complaint. They say a .22 caliber bullet can travel almost two miles, so they may never know who fired the shot.
story is HERE


Oregon Man claims he's Pregnant

Men over 300 lbs. everywhere exclaim...ME TOO!

BEND, Oregon - An oregon man claims he is five months pregnant. The story is HERE
The Advocate
article is HERE

Billy Crystal could not be reached for comment.

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