Friday, August 31, 2007

The Tubes Hit the Beach

Mat Made in Heaven?

Two recent Northwestern University grads have come up with an invention...
For players of the popular drinking game "beer pong" anyway.
A triangular rubber mat that holds plastic beer cups in place while beer pong players try to bounce or throw Ping-Pong balls into them.
more HERE

Rump Roast

Jessica Biel's booty gets all the attention...

We told you about the Biel Butt seems Jessie's rear end is the focus of her popularity...

InStyle magazine's pre-summer issue included 'Hollywood's Best Bodies' and our favorite big booty starlette was adorned with the 'Shapeliest Rear' distinction...
the caption read:
There's a new tush in town- and it belongs to Jessica Biel.
What's behind her? Well...behind.
Top secret: All you need for a butt-blasting workout is a
rubber exercise band. Biel wraps one around both ankles,
then takes 15 lateral steps (out and back) on each side.
Sounds simple, but it's hard!

...we lost you at 'wraps around both ankles'...

Shrinking Appendages

Polar bears living in the Eastern Greenland are somewhat less well endowed than their cousins in Svalbard and the Canadian Arctic.
this & more HERE

Fair Hiring Practice

F*CKing Fish and we don't mean Abe Vigoda

Testicles and tentacles: Seamen show their derring-do by doing denizens of the deep....

See it HERE.


Quote of the Week

“In my silver Viper, I was driving from Miami to Tampa. I got pulled over going 107 [mph] and the guy let me off. He’s like, “Hey, I know who you are, just keep going, ya know.” Dude, I got back on the road and two minutes later I get pulled over going 113 [mph]. Another highway patrol from the same county said, “I just heard on the radio that my buddy pulled you over and let you go. I’ma let you go this time. It’s your second warning. You get pulled over again, you’re probably going to go to jail.” Three minutes later, [I was] doing 123 [mph] in a 50 [mph zone]. The guy is like, “Hey, I just heard you got pulled over twice in the last 10 minutes. I got to write you a ticket.”"

- Nick Hogan tells the August issue of Rides magazine

Michael Vick: Dog Lover

New Britney Music Leaked...

Terrence Howard: Narcissistic Germaphobe

Fashion magazine 'Elle' features an interview with actor Terrence Howard ('Hustle & Flow'); here are a couple of excerpts...the man is obviously flawed...

What does your ideal woman look like?
TH: I like women who look like me. Generally, you're ­attracted to women who look like you, because the most beautiful thing in nature is your own reflection.
ELLE: So…you like a lady with a pencil moustache?
TH: No, but a woman who shares my features.

ELLE: What one item could you find in a woman's house that would prove that you weren't compatible?
TH: Toilet paper—and no baby wipes—in her bathroom.
ELLE: Wait. I don't think I understand.
TH: If they're using dry paper, they aren't washing all of themselves. It's just unclean. So if I go inside a woman's house and see the toilet paper there, I'll explain this. And if she doesn't make the adjustment to baby wipes, I'll know she's not completely clean.

the entire interview is HERE

Robo Quad

Planet Earth, God & Prince

Fans have long trusted Prince on matters of love and sex but how does he fare when it comes to inspiring us about the environment?
The lyrics on the title song of Planet Earth delivers...we're not quite sure exactly what it be the judge:

Imagine holding Planet Earth
In the palm of your hand
With no regard for your place of birth
Or claim to any land

50 years from now what will they say about us here?

Did we care for the water and the fragile atmosphere?

Imagine you could rid the Earth
Of anyone you choose
Which ones would you need the most

And which ones would you lose?

Do we want to judge another
Lest we be judged too?

Careful now... The next one might be you



Photoshop Contest
In this contest you are asked to perform partial face transplants on politicians and celebrities. The right half of a face has to be from one celebrity and the left half from another.
it's all HERE

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Day In Rock History: Higher Love Hit #1

Put the Rubber to the...oh NEVERMIND...

YOU BE THE JUDGE: Kelly Pickler

Villa Chilli and a little story

Anthony Kiedis' house went up for sale earlier this year, I didn't realize that you could tour the place online. . The rocker's $7M mansion in the Hollywod Hills might surprise you: It's beautifully decorated with art and fancy furnishings, very UNROCK STAR...

Everytime I see something about Mr. Kiedis I suffer flashbacks of a Hollywood MTV party, where MR K ended up in front of me in a line to get something to drink. As we chatted about not liking "these events" a commotion erupted behind us....Chris Farley was wrestling about 10 grade school age kids, Mr K looked at me and I said " if he keeps that up he is gonna kill himself " as Farley, sweating like a rainforest continued playing with the kids to their delight...

Mr K agree'd as we watched children being tossed in multiple directions and Farley roaring as they came back for more....2 weeks later the comic genius was gone....

I'll never forget how much joy was in his face that evening as he played Andre the Giant with those kids...he truely was a gentle giant who left before his time...

In Support of Gay Marriage

Astronut Lisa Nowak free roaming (look out)

Former astronaut Lisa Nowak can remove an electronic monitoring bracelet from her ankle, a circuit court judge ruled Thursday ahead of her trial for allegedly attacking a romantic rival.

Nowak argued it was expensive, bulky and uncomfortable. Judge Marc L. Lubet said that didn't matter, but Nowak had behaved well enough over the past 7 months to earn release.

No word on if she still wears DEPENDS when she drives long distances so she doesn't have to stop....

Audio of Sen. Craig's Statement to Arresting Officer

Hear it HERE.

For some reason , I'm now on Sen. Craig's side....the cop is a MORON...


According to someone with a tad bit of inside knowledge, Google is developing mobile software around a Linux-based operating system that could be unveiled in some form after this weekend.

Google issued a statement saying it would not comment on rumors. However, in May, Chief Executive Eric Schmidt told a group of reporters having lunch at the company's headquarters that Google was indeed developing all kinds of mobile phone software.

hummmmm...stay tuned...

Timeline of gPHONE RUMORS

Who woulda known....

Find out all the secret codes HERE.

A Beautiful Thing...

‘We Suck!’ Student Suspended for Tricking Rival Fans Into Raising Game Signs...

See it HERE

Hell No! to H2O

Officials at Tarbes-Lourdes airport in southern France said that bottles of 'holy' water from the shrine at Lourdes could present a potential terrorist threat.
the BBC story is HERE

Drunk mom lets 5 year old drive home...

And it wasn't Britney Spears...WOW! that's the shocker of the week...

WHOO WHOO!'s Holly Schnobrich. The Indiana woman's mind was clear enough to know she was in no state to get behind the wheel of her car, but her judgment was clouded (likely by the painkillers and sleeping pills she had been ingesting) when she made her five-year-old son her designated driver.
According to court documents filed in Tippecanoe County Circuit Court, a Lafayette woman saw a 2002 Mitsubishi come "speeding around the corner and screeched to a stop in front of her home." At the wheel was the toddler and his passengers: his 24-year-old mother and his three-year-old brother. Schnobrich told the woman "He's a good driver," but in a later interview with a sheriff's deputy, the boy said he had a tough time driving because "I can't reach the pedals."
Young Mother Holly, who admitting using Percocet as well as taking (86) YES EIGHTY SIX sleeping pills in the prior two days, was charged with two counts of felony child endangerment and misdemeanor public intoxication. She pleaded guilty just last week to a separate misdemeanor operating under the influence charge and remains in the Tippecanoe County Jail...The child however was just hired to teach drivers training through the local DMV office.

Boobs & Guns...Shoot Em’ Up!

Before you see the movie check out some boobs courtesy of New Line Cinema. Yes...boobs!
New Line Cinema has put up an online game that allows you to Shoot Em’ Up and as you do you get closer to checking out a nice pair of… well, tits.
play the game HERE

Kick Ass Kid

Geography Lessons with a Nincompoop

Did you laugh at her geography gaffe on YouTube? Now, beauty queen Lauren Caitlin Upton challenges you...

take the quiz HERE

This is how it works a semi good looking young girl (being a blonde usually helps), have a decent rack (so perverted old guys and envious women will pay attention), make a complete ass of yourself on national television...that's it! The endorsements will WILL be a celebrity...
Oh, ...forgot to mention...Later, the adoring American public will crush you with ridicule and pressure you into suicide...or, if you're lucky, a slight eating disorder...

First at Comic-Con - Now the WORLD...

See more HERE.

Wanna unlock your cellular phone....?

Check out HERE or for Apples product HERE.

Dick Cheney Denies Being Human

BREAKING NEWS: Cheney denies being human

"I am not human," Vice President Dick Cheney said twice during a 10-minute statement today following news that he had refused to comply with subpoenas, created and advocated for the "Unitary Executive Theory", played a key role in setting up illegal spying programs, coordinated a campaign to obstruct the investigation conducted by Patrick Fitzgerald, organized a campaign of retribution against whistleblower Joseph Wilson that included the outing of a covert CIA operative, led efforts to institute the routine use of torture, spearheaded a campaign to manipulate pre-war intelligence, created a secret Energy Task Force which operated in defiance of open-government laws, directed massive no-bid contracts to his company, Halliburton, profiting from the same illegal war he had defrauded the American public to launch, and threatened an aggressive attack on the nation of Iran.

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Baby boy born with twelve tiny fingers, twelve tiny toes...

While one in 2,000 babies is born with an extra finger or toe, it's much rarer to have extra digits on each appendage, said Dr. Robert Marion, director of genetics at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore.
Among African-Americans, one in 200 is born with a sixth finger or toe, he said. The condition - known as polydactyly or hexadactyly - is usually genetic.

the story (w/slideshow) is HERE

One Chromosome too many...

Dead Air

Grateful Dead Channel Live On Sirius 9/7/07

See more HERE.

Homophobic Pundits

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) today called on Tucker Carlson, NBC News and MSNBC to apologize for remarks made on Tuesday night that appear to condone violent assault.
the story is HERE

the notorious video...

VW and Apple Discuss iCAR Project

See Story HERE.

Brother Ray: in Post-Its

Story HERE.

Only a Matter of Time

Russian Pirate Music Site to Re-open

See it HERE.

What a Croc...

Feist on Television

Feist on David Letterman

Feist on Jimmy Kimmel

Ball park Root Canal

Clinton Donor Under a Cloud in Fraud Case (DUH)

As we reported previously , Norman Hsu, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Democratic candidates since 2003, some of it coming from a single simple home south of San Francisco lived in by other people.

But what was not widely known was that Mr. Hsu, who is in the apparel business in New York, has been considered a fugitive since he failed to show up in a San Mateo County courtroom about 15 years ago to be sentenced for his role in a scheme to defraud investors, according to the California attorney general’s office.

Mr. Hsu had pleaded no contest to one count of grand theft and was facing up to three years in prison.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign said yesterday that it would give to charity $23,000 it had received from a prominent Democratic donor, and review thousands of dollars more that he had raised, after learning that the authorities in California had a warrant for his arrest stemming from a 1991 fraud case. GEE, WHY DON'T YOU GIVE IT BACK TO MR HSU...hummmmmm...

Building BOOM for The Dark Knight Film

Film crews working in Chicago blew up a building yesterday as part of a scene for the movie "The Dark Knight" - the latest in series of Batman movies. It's set to be released in the summer of 2008. Production has been going on in Chicago for the last few months, with several large stunts taking place, but this one is by far the biggest. That's saying quite a bit - since one of the stunts involved flipping over a semi-trailer! The building was the old Brach's Candy Factory...

Check the sites below for more coverage of The Dark Knight, and much more!

Hipster Olympics

Spilling Oprah...

This writer wasn't supposed to talk about his Oprah appearance. He even refused to sign the release form.

But when The Mighty Ohomo refuses to mention your book on the air -- and you're brought on the show to talk about the same topic your book covers -- what are you supposed to do?


I Believe...

See this fansite for the Brit Brit's COMEBACK

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We're Just sayin'...hummm....

See, I'm not GAY ...she has Boobs and stuff....really...

"and the dark glasses have nothing to do with the large amount of SHAME she is feeling right now..."

Bananas in Pajamas..oh and LSD!!!

Publicity Poison

ROSEBURG, Oregon - 80’s glam-rock band Poison apologized for showing a woman’s bare breasts in a video projected behind the band during their performance at the Douglas County Fair.
“I just think it’s wrong,” said entertainment booker Pete Mancloth. “I mean, I’m no queer. Women’s breasts are luscious things but they’re dirty too and should stay put away, in most cases.”
Not all concert-goers thought it was a big deal, however.
“I don’t think it’s a big deal,” said livestock maintenance worker, Bob Nosewater. “If you look around here, there’s nipples all over the place. Sometimes eight at a time.”

Presidential Porn-trait

After the Bush Library reportedly backed out of a portrait they had commissioned from British artist Jonathan Yeo, the 36-year-old artist went forward with one anyway, a collage created from fragments of 100 porn magazines.

the story is HERE

Finnish Happy

Helsinki's "Thai massage" parlours are without exception covers for brothels...
Thai massage parlours began to appear in Helsinki in the early 1990's. There are now dozens of them in the city, and the phenomena has spread around the country.
Prostitution itself is not illegal, however, procurement in public is not allowed, nor is pimping. Police say gaining evidence that the masseuses were under the thumb of madams or pimps is very difficult.
the report is HERE

time to plan a trip to Finland?

Tarantino: 'Cheeseburgers are like naughty sex'

this just in...Tarantino is an idiot!
read other stupid observations HERE

Sean Loves Ted

This image provided by Britain's Department of Health showing a healthy lung, left and a diseased lung, right, is one of the graphic pictures to be place on packs of cigarettes to discourage smokers. Words failed to stamp out smoking, so Britain will require graphic pictures of diseased organs on cigarette packs next year, the government announced Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2007.

The images include a diseased lung, a chest cut open for heart surgery, and a large tumor on a man's neck. In all, Britain chose 15 images from a selection developed by the European Commission.

Britain will be the first member of the European Union to require such warnings, Health Secretary Alan Johnson said. The new warnings will be required on cigarette packs in the second half of 2008, the department said.

IN THE USA in the early 1970's the US Government brought ACTUAL DISEASED LUNGS to schools to show the evils of smoking...and that failed, I'm sure pictures 30 plus years later in England will make the point...NOT

PS: Pot smoking, still against the law... WHATEVER....


Hilly Kristal had no idea what he was unleashing when he welcomed a rash of unknown bands onstage in his dank Bowery dive: Television, the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, the Patti Smith Group.

Kristal, a New Jersey farm boy whose musical tastes ran to tamer fare, had opened CBGB as a haven for country, blues and bluegrass music. Instead, his cramped club became the epicenter of the punk rock movement, setting off a three-chord musical revolution that spread around the world.


1 2 3 4 ....

see more HERE.

Richard Jewell found dead in home

Worley said an autopsy would be performed by the GBI to determine how Jewell died, but added there was "no suspicion of foul play.

Richard Jewell, the Centennial Olympic Park security guard once suspected — but later cleared — in the bombing of the park during the 1996 Summer Games, was found dead Wednesday in his home in Meriwether County. He was 44.

County coroner Johnny Worley said Jewell's wife discovered him dead in their Woodbury home at about 10:30 a.m., and he was pronounced dead by Worley about 45 minutes later.

"He had been having some pretty serious medical problems," Worley said.

He said Jewell had been diagnosed with diabetes in February and had a couple of toes amputated.

"He had been going downhill ever since," Worley said.

Jewell returned to his job as a deputy with the Meriwether County Sheriff's Office over the summer, "but only for a couple of days," according to Worley.

Jewell was initially lauded as a hero after a bomb went off at the July 27, 1996, Olympic celebration. He called attention to the suspicious knapsack that held a bomb and helped evacuate the area.

But days later he became the FBI's chief suspect, as The AJC and other media outlets reported.

The FBI later cleared Jewell of any wrongdoing. He was never charged with a crime.

Eric Robert Rudolph pleaded guilty to the bombing in 2005 and is serving life in prison for it and other attacks.

After he was cleared, Jewell sued the Journal-Constitution and other media outlets for libel, arguing that their reports defamed him. Several news organizations settled, including NBC and CNN.

The Journal-Constitution did not settle. The newspaper has contended that at the time it published its reports, Jewell was a suspect, so the articles were accurate. The newspaper also has asserted that it was not reckless or malicious in its reports regarding Jewell. Much of Jewell's case was dismissed last year. One claim, based on reports about a 911 call, is pending trial.

After the Olympics, Jewell worked as a law officer in a handful of small Georgia cities, including Luthersville, Senoia and Pendergrass.

A year ago this month, Jewell was commended by Gov. Sonny Perdue at an event marking the 10th anniversary of the bombing.

"The bottom line is this: His actions saved lives that day," said Perdue. "Mr. Jewell, on behalf of Georgia, we want to thank you for keeping Georgians safe and doing your job during the course of those Games."

Jewell, his voice choked with emotion, responded:

"I never sought to be a hero. I have always viewed myself as just one of the many trained professionals who simply did his or her job that tragic night. I wish I could have done more."

3 Videos No Waiting...

Piece of Shit - Trees were killed to make the poster

Details HERE.

Current Events

Hawkish on Iran

is Iran next? read THIS

Keith delivers an opinion...

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has demanded an apology from Swedish newspapers for their scathing reviews of the group's performance in the country earlier this month.

Tabloids Expressen and Aftonbladet gave thumbs down to the Aug. 3 concert at Ullevi stadium in Goteborg, with Expressen suggesting Richards was "superdrunk" on stage.

"This is a first!" the 63-year-old rock star wrote in a letter published by Stockholm daily Dagens Nyheter. "Never before have I risen to the bait of a bad review.

"But this time ... I have to stand up ... for our fans all over Sweden ... to say that you owe them, and us, an apology."

Dagens Nyheter said it received the letter from concert organizer EMA Telstar. Company head Thomas Johansson told The Associated Press that Richards wrote the letter and gave it to him after reading translations of the Swedish reviews.

"There were 56,000 people in Ullevi stadium who bought a ticket to our concert - and experienced a completely different show than the one you 'reviewed,'" the letter said.

"How dare you cheapen the experience for them - and for the hundreds of thousands of other people across Sweden who weren't at Ullevi and have only your 'review' to go on.

"Write the truth. It was a good show."

In his review, Aftonbladet's music writer Markus Larsson gave the concert a score of two on a five-point scale, and said Richards appeared "a bit confused."

"I am not going to apologize for my subjective opinion," Larsson told the paper's Web edition on Wednesday. "It is Keith who should apologize. After all it costs around 1,000 kronor ($145) to see a rock star who can hardly handle the (guitar) riff to 'Brown Sugar' any more."


Leona's dog gets her paws on $12M in will

See the Will HERE.

Rove gets a proper send off...

On West Executive Avenue next to the White House at this moment, Karl Rove's Jaguar is covered with Saran Wrap and emblazoned with an 'I (heart) OBAMA' bumper sticker on the passenger-side windshield. It's the handiwork of loving colleagues who say they will miss his puckish humor in meetings. Rove is in New Orleans with the president. Karl's technical last day is Friday.

'Good Morning America' had video, thanks Ann Compton, who adds this detail: The sedan's windows are plastered with Post-it notes which spell KING KARL. Two stuffed eagles are mounted on the trunk.

Black Rock Arsonist Captured

Workers assess the damage to The Man after an arsonist who climbed up its leg lit the structure on fire on Tuesday morning, Aug. 28, 2007, in the Black Rock Desert in Gerlach, Nevada
Burning Man became Burnt Man four days early on Tuesday, and a San Francisco performance artist was arrested on suspicion of igniting the signature figure of the counterculture festival in the remote Nevada desert.
more HERE

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

King Tut Not Black Enough

Black activists in Philadelphia held their third demonstration recently to express disapproval of the King Tutanhkamun exhibit at the city’s Franklin Institute. The protesters are primarily angered by the fact that images of King Tut promoting the show and those in the exhibit have been altered to lighten his skin and change his African features to those of an Arab or Caucasian.
story HERE
protest info HERE