Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Famous people with autistic traits

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Hilton's House for sale 4.25 Million

The 88 - Press Kit

Video: Comic-Con 2007

We ♥ Chocolate

Molested Sheep Unable to Testify in Court...

Under Dutch law, bestiality is not a crime unless it can be proved the animal didn't want to have sex.
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Why is the Lying Man Still in Charge of the Law?

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Impeachment Bill to be Introduced

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First Bergman, now Antonioni

Michelangelo Antonioni, one of the most innovative and distinctive film-makers of the 20th century, has died at the age of 94. The Italian director died at his home in Rome on Monday evening, less than 24 hours after the death of Ingmar Bergman - that other great giant of European art-house cinema.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Bob and The Brit

Henry and The GodFather

Wartime Hollywood

Arizona Exorcist

A 48-year-old Phoenix man whom authorities say was choking his 3-year-old granddaughter during an exorcism early Saturday died after being touched with a Taser several times by police.
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Jimmy Fallon to replace Conan O'Brian

NBC has targeted Jimmy Fallon to replace Conan O’Brien in 2009. NBC late-night chief Rick Ludwin says he doesn’t expect to make an announcement until sometime after the first of the year, but he confirmed that Fallon is on the top of the network’s list.

Courtney has a blog

Courtney Love has a MySpace blog...here is an excerpt exactly as typed...

im gonna stop posting someone snukc in my blog subscrioptipns thats a membe rof the media or somethingt liek teh media i wa stols today about tmz being trabnie aobsessed with everyone whats yup wiuth that Harvery guy? why cabnt he deal with the fact hat my operation is one of the better ones outta stickholm and you cant evebn see my adams apple? i mean in fact i can even go INTOP LABOUR! that dr was gret! from denmark i bekleive he was helena chritensons dad.

It's like a seizure. Only in blog form. Brilliant.
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Former 49ers Coach Bill Walsh Dead at 75

Bill Walsh, the groundbreaking football coach who won three Super Bowls and perfected the ingenious schemes that became known as the West Coast offense during a Hall of Fame career with the San Francisco 49ers, has died. He was 75.

Walsh died early Monday following a long battle with leukemia, according to Stanford University, where he served as coach and athletic director. Contrary to rumor he did not share needles with Tom Snyder.

Paris Hilton's Six Daily Thoughts:

1. I
2. Need
3. To
4. Be
5. Seen
6. Today

Scientists breed world’s first mentally ill mouse...

I thought.....well I guess not....oh never mind see it HERE.

Faith Hill protects hubbys nuts...

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Great Dane

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Security officials for Denmark's Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik are enraged by photographs purporting to show a nude prostitute on the royal thrones.
A Danish prostitute says she used a camera with a timer to take explicit pictures in the royal reception rooms at
Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen.

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Political Cleavage

A Legend Passes...

Talk show great Tom Snyder, whose smoke-filled interviews were staple of late night television in the 1970's, has died after a struggle with leukemia. He was 71.
Nobody ever did a better interview than Tom and you can see a collection of them HERE.

I had the pleasure of many emails and chats with Tom over the past decade and can say without a doubt there is a huge hole left in television without his wit and the real interest he would bring to any subject he communicated about.

The communicator of a generation is gone...

Death has caught up with Ingmar Bergman

Legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, whose films and stage productions brought him wide international acclaim for over half a century, has died at the age of 89. He passed away in his home in Faro, Sweden.
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Bergmans masterpiece 'The Seventh Seal': Max von Sydow plays chess w/Death

Sunday, July 29, 2007

WTF Virus Spreads

Viral marketing is marketing that is spread by others. It could be the main stream media, bloggers, social advocates, radicals, cultural subgroups, community leaders, protesters and/or politicians.
The attraction of viral marketing is that it spreads quickly and almost effortlessly. The viral marketer only needs to flick the spark and fan the flames. The danger of viral marketing is that once you create it, it takes on a life of its own. You can’t control the direction or the acceleration. Viral marketing is like a forest fire or viral outbreak efficient at spreading and difficult to control.

An example of viral marketing in action is the teen-targeted campaign launched by Mac’s Convenience Stores in Ontario, Canada selling flavored slushy drinks called Frosters. The new flavors are “WTF” and “OMG” which most teens know mean “What the F**k” and “Oh my Gawd”.
Some adults who discover the meanings are upset. Emotional support and protests are two contributing elements of a viral marketing campaign.
To be successful this virus only needs to drive one summer of ice drink sales.
Who's spreading the WTF virus?
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What's so funny...

Bush Ups the Ante: U.S. Arms Sales to Mid-East

Saudi police graduates attending a graduation ceremony in Riyadh June 26, 2007.

- The United States will announce a series of arms deals worth at least 20 billion U.S. dollars with Saudi Arabia and five other oil-rich Persian Gulf states as well as new military aid packages to Israel and Egypt. The agreements are to provide 30 billion dollars in new U.S. aid to Israel and 13 billion dollars to Egypt.
The arms sales to
Saudi Arabia are to include air-to-air missiles; sales to the other Gulf Cooperation Council countries - the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman – will be defensive weapons.
The sale will be the largest weapons negotiation by the Bush administration.

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Arrivederci Uomini

RICCIONE, Italy - Italian women, tired of unwanted advances and stares while sunbathing on the beach, now have their own exclusive stretch of sand on the Adriatic coast...children are also made unwelcome.
With some men looking on from outside the perimeter, women customers do aerobics, sports and put sun cream on each other.
"For many women who want to sunbathe topless, for instance, it's a great plus not to have men around, because often men won't go away and stare insistently", said Italian beachgoer Giulia Martini.

But the men were not impressed.
"I think this is very stupid. Men and women should always be mixed. Otherwise, what are we on this planet for?" said Italian beachgoer Franco Stroppiani.

'...don't do what your big sister done...'

the National Enquirer is alleging that 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant...


Aloha From Hawaii

Fans of Elvis Presley gathered on Thursday for an unveiling of a life-size statue of the King of Rock and Roll. In 1973, Presley did a famed 'Elvis - Aloha From Hawaii' concert. To mark that television event and the 30th anniversary of his death, the cable channel TV Land commissioned the statue. "It was a first; a worldwide telecast, and it was seen by millions of people. It was incredible," concert promoter Tom Moffat said.
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Ask a Genius a Stupid Question

Marilyn vos Savant is a national columnist and author. She was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for five years under "Highest IQ" for both childhood and adult scores. Since 1986, Marilyn has been writing the "Ask Marilyn" question-and-answer column for Parade...
This week there were no answers...
This week there were questions...really stupid questions...

  • Didn’t Louis XIII have any furniture? Everybody’s heard about his son’s furniture, but what about him?
  • Does a 10-gallon hat really hold that much? They don’t look big enough.
  • I notice you have the same first name as Marilyn Monroe. Are you two related?
  • Where did all the stars go? In the ‘50s, the sky was loaded with them.
  • Do you think daylight-saving time could be contributing to global warming? The longer we have sunlight, the more it heats the atmosphere.
  • I just observed a flock of geese flying in a “V” formation. Is that the only letter they know?
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the Manssiere is finally Here

The obesity epidemic is fueling a storm in a he-cup with the arrival of a compression bra for males suffering the indignity of man boobs.
The creators of the Male Support Vest promise it will flatten the chest, make breasts less noticeable and reduce bounce during physical activity.
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10 Gay Pop Icons

5. Shirley Bassey

Seems some were left out...
the list is HERE

Paul Stanley Hospitalized

Kiss singer/guitarist suffered a sudden heart ailment prior to the band's Friday show at Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California.
Message from Paul HERE

Saturday, July 28, 2007

German Übermodels age well

Claudia Schiffer in Vogue Paris more HERE

Heidi Klum in Arena Magazine more HERE

'the Goebbels of Scientology'


More Information Than You Need...

* According to the Kinsey Institute, the biggest erect penis on record measures 13 inches. The smallest tops off at 1 3/4 inches.
* The most common fantasy is oral sex.
* 60% of men and 54% of women have had a 1-night stand.
* Women buy 4 out of every 10 condoms sold.
* In 1609, a doctor named Wecker found a corpse in Bologna with two penises. Since then, there have been eighty documented cases of men similarly endowed.
* Men say the average erect penis is 10″. Women say it’s 4″.
* A female orgasm is a powerful painkiller (because of the release of endorphins), so headaches are in fact a bad excuse not to have sex.
* 56% of men have had sex at work.
* Among the Mangaians of Polynesia, 18-year-old couples make love an average of three times a night, every night, until their thirties, when the weekly average drops to a mere 14.
* 1 in 3 of us have had an extramarital affair.
* 62% think there is nothing wrong with affairs.
* The maximum speed at which erotic sensations travel from skin to brain has been clocked at 156 miles per hour.
* A honeymooning couple are suing Holiday Inn for ten thousand dollars, claiming their sex life is now dysfunction because an employee mistakenly walked in on them on their wedding night.
* At least 500 Americans die each year from asphyxia in an attempt to lessen oxygen flow to the brain in order to induce a more powerful orgasm.
* England’s King Edward VII, a man of considerable heft, had a special table built so that he could comfortably engage in sexual intercourse.
* 29% of us are virgins when we marry.
* The average sexual experience lasts about 39 minutes.
* 58% like dirty talk during sex.
* 22% rent porno flicks at least once.
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the Snake Looks Happy...

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New Adventures with Old Harry

Wild women! Lurid adventures! Shocking Desires!

Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary is the tale of a talented typist a long way from home, who discovers how much fun the twilight world of lesbian career girls can be! The story your mother never told you, published now for your own good.
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Best Commercials? Perhaps

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Better than Mr. Microphone

"The dildo vibrates through the same waves as a voice. So you can use it in Tokyo when your boyfriend in New York is talking to you on the phone."more info HERE

Sacred Cow Euthanized

Welsh officials ordered Shambo, the bull to be killed after it developed bovine tuberculosis and followed a stand-off between Hindu monks, supporters and police over access to the religious retreat.
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Lesbianism linked to Satan by Spanish judge

Spain is one of the most liberal countries in the world. And although the Catholic Church has sway over vast portions of the population, the left-leaning government voted for same-sex marriage in 2005.
Judge Fernando Ferrin Calamita ruled that a lesbian mother can keep her children only if she finds a male companion then went on to blast the socialist government, saying pro-gay laws were a “mistake by the parliament controlled by the ruling party”.
Calamita was quoted saying “It is understood that...belonging to a satanic sect...would negatively affect the children and serve as a reason for a change of custody...(well) it’s the same with homosexuality.”

Zsa Zsa's Hubby resurfaces

Frederic von Anhalt, the eighth husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, was found naked in the backseat of his Rolls Royce behind a Bel-Air Country Club, claiming he'd been mugged by three attractive women...
Von Anhalt told police three women in a white Chrysler convertible pulled up alongside him and said they were fans of his and wanted him to pose with them for pictures.
He said he stopped, got out, posed and hugged them, and then one of the women put a handgun to his neck and demanded money. He said they took $1,800 in cash, along with jewelry, all his clothing and his car keys -- but left the Rolls Royce -- then disappeared...

Friday, July 27, 2007


Sexiest Ladies of The Simpsons

5. Edna Krabappel

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BET brought you the CELEBRATION OF GOSPEL, the #1 religious program in television history, and now comes SUNDAY BEST, a nationwide search for America's next great gospel singer. SUNDAY BEST will search storefront churches, parishes and mega-churches from Atlanta to Los Angeles and Chicago to find the best undiscovered singers in America.
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Prediction: Whoopi Goldberg will be named the new co-host of The View

Personal Planetarium

The Celestron SkyScout is a revolutionary hand held device that uses advanced GPS technology with point and click convenience to identify thousands of stars, planets, constellations and more.
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Mountains out of Molehills

Keira Knightley is well aware that her breasts are “small and humble”, and is now used to seeing her assets digitally enhanced for movie interviews and posters.
She snorts, “I don't have any tits, so I can't show cleavage. But you're not actually allowed to be on a magazine in the US without at least a C cup because it turns people off.
"Apparently they have done market research and found that women want to see no less than a C cup on other women…So they make my tits bigger."

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Anyone But Hillary!!!!

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Once Upon a Time...there were great movies...

Just Impeach the Entire GOP...and a few Democrats too...

"Why can't they impeach the entire Republican Party?" After all, the utter lawlessness of the last six years could not have occurred without the active complicity of the full GOP leadership.
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lohan: The 911 Call

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Impeach, Indict, Imprison!!!

Many do not like Sean Penn...but, as evidenced here...he has the balls to speak the truth...

Tom DeLay Supports the Apocalypse

Brian May: Astrophysicist

Brian May, the lead guitarist from rock band Queen, is close to earning his doctorate in astrophysics -- more than 35 years after quitting his studies to become a rock star.
His thesis, "Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud," is the last component of his PhD studies, and May expected to complete his work on Wednesday.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Auction for Keith Richards book tops $7M

The battle for Keith Richards’ autobiography has turned into the hottest auction of the summer. Bidding for a book by the Rolling Stones’ famed founding member, co-song writer and rhythm guitarist has reached $7.1 million...
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