Tuesday, April 17, 2007

7 Tips To Easily Have A Successful Threesome

Men aren’t the only ones that find women attractive. Women often base their own worth around how attractive they are in comparisons to their peers. Much of their time is spent focusing on how beautiful a woman is. The same way men compete over who drives the nicer car or who makes the most money. As a result, insecurities abound. This is why, with the proper encouragement and attitudes (non-judgmental), women can even enjoy ‘man things’ like strip clubs and porn.

The tips below don’t take unfair advantage of these realities, but instead, help allow them to naturally collide. Follow the tips below and nobody should feel shorted by the experience.

How Do You Find Women For Your Threesome?

There are a couple different ways to meet women for your threesome. Some are more effective than others. Some take out the spontaneity, an important element, making it seem more robotical and mechanical in nature than you’d perhaps fantasized. Some can awkwardly affect a relationship and cause further trouble down the road.

  • You and your woman look for another woman for your threesome

    This can be done by hitting bars with your girlfriend or by directly looking for online matchmaking services (craigslist, MySpace, etc.) to find the woman. There are also parties, swingers clubs, and other means to do this.
    Caveat: When planning starts going into something like this, it often creates too much thought and worry. Additionally, knowing another woman too much outside of this may case complications in the future.
  • A woman you know suggests a threesome with someone either of you knows

    Your girlfriend has a friend you both think is attractive. Or perhaps you have a friend she is attracted to or comfortable with.
    Caveat: While definitely a male fantasy, this also poses future problems and could also ruin a good friendship that has no place in the threesome.
  • You bring two women together for a threesome

    Two women who you know independently of each other. You’ve had sex with both and after comfort has been established and the tone of the non-monogamous relationship is set, you set the stage for all of you to meet and share.
    Caveat: While the dynamics seem daunting, this is probably the best option of the three until you have some experience in threesome psychology. Nobody loses anything if someone feels uncomfortable later or regrets the event. There are no ties to cut here.

How To Get A Woman To Join You In A Threesome

Because emotional ties to one of the women in your bed may lead to further complications, we’re going to focus on the last of the above three here.

  1. Develop the first sexual relationship
  2. Develop a sexual relationship with one woman. Ensure that monogamy and commitment haven’t yet entered your vocabularies. Discover if she’s curious about other woman. Don’t be cute or side-step the point - be direct and ask “Are you into women?”. This is best done after you’ve slept together once or twice. Make sure not to ask immediately after you’ve been with her though, lest she fear that your motives are untrue.

  3. Develop the next relationship
  4. Repeat the process again with another woman. Again, find if she’s bisexual or interested in other women. It is important that both are on the same “level” regarding looks. Don’t get a 9 and a 6 together unless everyone really seems into it.

  5. Share Another Woman With You
  6. Tell one of the woman that you want to share another woman with her. Tell the other the same thing. Be careful here to use the words “with you” and not “share you” - she must feel valued to feel comfortable.

  7. Loose Lips Sink Ships
  8. Keep your lips tight and avoid getting into details about the other girl. This means no pictures or chatting about the other woman. Instruct the woman to trust you. When the sexual tone kicks in, the moment will help carry away any pickiness the women have. If you allow their logical brains to think about the situation, a ‘not so cute nose’ or things like hair color could be your downfall. Women are very picky.

  9. Invitations
  10. Invite each woman to meet up at the same time. Do this separately. They should both know what is coming and should have given you the unsaid ‘ok’ at this point. You can do this at a bar or at your house. At any rate, for the first time.. a little alcohol can go a long way in smoothing out any fears.

  11. Relax
  12. DO NOT talk about what is going to happen. Relax, enjoy each other’s company, and keep things fun and sexy. You should do your best to avoid leaving them alone to chat. You’re there to keep the mood happy and fun.

  13. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  14. After a couple drinks and about 30-45 minutes of setting the tone. Kiss one girl. Then kiss the other. Things have to seem even, so go back and forth. If things feel right, try a three-way kiss. If momentum is building up without a problem, begin foreplay and sex with each woman. Remember to alternate effectively and don’t worry if the woman aren’t instantly into it. As the tone and heat builds, they’ll hit their comfort moment and begin to join.

    ** Alternate Method **
    Another way to ease into things is with a massage. After the kissing and touching begins, lay one woman down and have you and the other woman gently massage her. This allows the other woman to feel comfortable touching the other woman and will also raise her acceptance. After a short while, rotate and let the other woman have the benefit of your four hands.

    Lastly, after each woman has had their turn becoming acquainted with the other, allow them to massage you. Them being higher than you gives them a sense of power and the fact that they are now sharing something less scary than sex, will allow them to feel connected to each other. When the time feels right, turn over. From there, everyone should be in a position to carry the night to a fun and exciting close.


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